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10 Reasons Why You Should Access the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide

The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide, created by Cleo Libonati, RN, BSN and, is a revolutionary self-health resource that will give you the tools and information you need to take control of your health once and for all.

Should you subscribe?

Here are ten reasons why the answer is yes…

Combines Medical, Nutritional and Holistic Treatment

Standard medical treatment uses medicines, procedures and surgeries to try to fix symptoms. While this works for acute (Now) problems, it fails to prevent or cure chronic (Ongoing) problems. The Treatment Guide looks at the whole you. Your symptoms, their causes, nutrient deficiencies, current medications and remedies. Use it to treat both acute AND chronic issues.

Identify and Eliminate the Causes of Your Ongoing Health Issues

Treatment only works if it fixes the underlying causes. That said, standard medical treatment often misidentifies symptoms as if they were the underlying causes. Inflammation is an example. Inflammation ALWAYS has a cause, a trigger. The Treatment Guide helps you identify the true underlying causes and then shows you how to remove or correct them.

Get Off the Meds

Every advertisement for every medication presents a list of side effects for that medication. Some can seem worse than the problem they treat. Medications can deplete nutrients and interfere with absorption of others. They can worsen or create symptoms even as they treat others. In this way, we sometimes find ourselves on multiple medications trying to fix the problems medications cause while they try to fix our first problem. Medications can be partially effective, or lose effectiveness as the body dysfunctions due to underlying causes that are not treated. We see people who have been on medication for 20 years, with disastrous consequences. The Treatment Guide identifies underlying causes, but also tells you which medications are known to exacerbate or cause your symptoms and how, so you can bring this information to your doctor. (Never stop taking any prescribed medication without consulting your doctor.)

Decrease Inflammation

Inflammation is the current bogeyman. You will see it in pharmaceutical advertisements presented as the cause of many, many health problems that whatever medicine is being sold will help. Books, health gurus and videos blame inflammation for most of what ails us. Inflammation is actually a symptom. Inflammation is the body’s response to an attack or damage. It always has a trigger, a cause. Cop outs like “autoimmune,” “genetic,” or “idiopathic” are commonly used when the medical industry fails to find the cause. The Treatment Guide identifies the true cause, the true source, so you can fix it. It tells you which anti-inflammatory foods to eat and remedies to take so you can reduce inflammation now and prevent in the future.

Reduce or Eliminate Co-morbidities

You may have heard the term co-morbidity in the news recently when covid 19 was discussed. It has recently come to light that over 90% of people who died with covid 19 had co-morbidities present. Co-morbidities are stand alone diseases that exist at the same time as primary diseases: diabetes and high blood pressure are two examples. Co-morbidities increase the impact that a contracted illness has on the body. Most people live with them, but they don’t have to. The Treatment Guide contains hundreds of symptoms, many of which could be considered co-morbidities. It shows you where they come from and how to get rid of them. This way you can be healthy and greater able to defeat a new infection.

Fit Your Diet to Your Individual Needs

Diet trends come and go. Health gurus, the medical community and food manufacturers tout certain foods as better or worse for you. The truth is that foods are chemicals, and depending on how YOUR body reacts to the chemicals they contain, they will be either good or bad for you, regardless of how they effect other people. The Treatment Guide goes by your symptoms, to tell you which foods YOU need to avoid and which foods to eat to help you fix your symptoms and achieve good health. This way, you build a diet that fits your individual needs, which may be totally different than the latest “health” craze or fad diet.

Identify and Correct Nutrient Deficiencies

People ask how celiac disease can cause hundreds of diseases. The vast majority result from nutrient deficiencies that stem from malabsorption. That said, you don’t need to suffer from celiac disease to experience nutrient deficiencies. Life, stress, medications, exercise and diet impact nutrient levels. The Treatment Guide helps you identify and correct your deficiencies, many times fixing multiple conditions at the same time.

Individualized Care Based on Symptoms

Everyone is different. People in the same family can have completely different symptoms. What works for one, does not always work for another. The Treatment Guide shows you how to self-care, to recognize, identify, treat and prevent problems that affect you.

Being Healthy Is Cheaper Than Being Unwell

Being unhealthy is expensive. The cost goes beyond paying for medications or surgeries. When you are healthy, it is easier to do everyday activities, to live, to work, to concentrate, to exercise, to reach your potential. Relationships are better when you are healthy. The Treatment Guide will get and keep you healthy, so you can enjoy life, do the activities you want to do and save money, time and energy.

You Can Do It – It Is Easy With The Treatment Guide

So many people are unhealthy and so much information conflicts,  that it is easy to get overwhelmed. We get used to taking medications. We think there is no other way, or figuring out how to get better is too hard. We get used to our conditions. It doesn’t have to be this way. The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide will show you how to recover and maintain your health quickly and easily. You can start to see changes within hours and the healthier you become, the easier and better your life will be.

There you have it. 10 Reasons Why You Should Access the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide. Click here to find out more about the Treatment Guide and get lifetime access. Start now!

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