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Diet and Health

In this section you will learn about the Gluten Free Diet, food composition, alternatives to familiar foods that contain gluten, and recipes to get you started. The tough part about this diet is identifying which foods actually contain gluten.  Here you can learn which foods you must avoid and which ones you can enjoy. In two weeks, you will be very glad you went “gluten free.”

The Gluten Free Diet

This diet restricts the eating of gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and oats and foods made using these grains.  This restriction is the necessary and only treatment for people with any form of Gluten Sensitivity Reaction, particularly Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Many other people choose to follow a Gluten Free Diet because they are more alert, feel better, and have more energy living without gluten. Read more here…

Wheat, barley, rye, and oats are not necessary for a healthy diet.  The only unique thing about the gluten in these grains is that it cannot be fully digested and undigested parts of it can damage our bodies.

Nature of Foods

Discover the various nutrients in food and what we need to keep us healthy.  What is a carbohydrate?  How is it different from a protein?See what part vitamins and minerals play. Read more here…


Explore our gluten-free recipes.Categories include breakfast food, dessert, main dish, side dish, and snack/ beverage so you can make something for every occasion.Recipes have to be delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare in order to make it to our list. Read more here…

Gluten Food Substitutes

Learn how to replace gluten-containing foods with gluten-free foods.  For example, eliminate wheat pasta and replace with equally good pasta made from rice, corn or other combination of safe flours.  The list of gluten-free baked and cooked food products is rapidly growing and no wonder!  As more and more people are achieving better health and looks by eliminating gluten foods, their demand is fueling development of more and better tasting products like bread, cakes, cookies, and meal replacement bars. Read more here…

Digestion Guide

Discover your amazing digestive organs and how they break down food and absorb nutrients.  Knowing how things are supposed to work will help you recognize when your digestion is working properly and when something needs to be fixed.  Illustrations make learning about digestion fun and easy. Read more here…

Fitness Guide

We know that regular physical activity and physical fitness make important contributions to our health,  well being, and maintenance of a healthy body weight. So why is it so tough to do? Gluten gets us down, and even if we try, we just don’t get good results.

The best part about being Gluten-Free is that you will see good results right away. Muscles quickly tone because your well nourished body will have the nutrients it needs. You will think better, gain better balance, more energy and increased stamina. Read more here…

Glossary of Terms

On this page we’ve gathered together the terms that most people want defined. These definitions are intended to help you understand medical terminology as they relate to gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Read more here…

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