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“I never realized how sick I was…until I got better. Thank you!” ~Deb C.

The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide is your comprehensive health resource:

1. Explains gluten, gluten disorders, the gluten-free diet, testing, digestion, nutrients and nutrition in depth.

2. Shows you how to recognize hundreds of symptoms and arms you with our Exclusive 6 Step Treatment System individualized to fix each of them by addressing underlying causes, diet changes, nutrient deficiencies, natural remedies, supplements and possible medication interactions, so you can get well and stay healthy for life…


  • Lifetime Subscription! 
  • Get full access to the Treatment Guide. Including hundreds of Treatment Modules and 1,000 pages of information.
  • Instruction emails and video tutorials show you how to use the Treatment Guide to find and fix your health issues.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of gluten, gluten disorders and the gluten-free diet, more than most health professionals.
  • Uncover the steps you need to take to recover your health, written out in easy-to-understand language.
  • Identify deficient nutrients and replenish them fast.
  • Learn which foods to eat and which foods to avoid – not just gluten, but vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, etc.
  • Discover which your medications are impacting your health.
  • Special worksheets to take notes and bring to your doctor to help him improve your treatment.
  • Learn the diagnostic tests and how they really work – what they are and what the results actually mean.
  • Discover how to create a gluten-free diet that works for you, which foods to avoid, which to eat and which substitutes to use in your cooking according to your symptoms.
  • Decrease chronic inflammation and avoid its causes.
  • Completely understand your symptoms and health issues, how they develop and how to fix them or limit their progression.
  • Natural remedies for your ailments.
  • Become your own health advocate – Know what is going on in your body and how to be your healthiest you.

The Treatment Guide is a one of a kind all encompassing resource. I have found it especially helpful in working to correct nutritional deficiencies by looking up the symptoms I continue to have despite following a strict gluten free diet for years. Thank you so much for creating the Health Guide, it is an invaluable resource for those of us that are interested in taking a proactive approach to good health.” ~Deb T.

The Treatment Guide is a great resource for anyone who needs to fine tune their diet. It presents info on nutrients from several different angles and backs it up by scientific studies. All info is interlinked so you can easily get a broad picture of what you’re researching. One of my favorite features is that it always tells you what foods are rich in the substance you’re researching. This greatly helps in limiting your supplements and getting more of what you need from food itself. ~Marita B.

I was diagnosed with Celiac in early 2013, shortly after meeting John, while I was in graduate school studying Chinese medicine. He was able and available to answer any and all questions I had regarding Celiac Disease. Between John’s wealth of knowledge on every detail of the matter, and the incredibly expansive and comprehensive GFW treatment guide, I felt as though my hand was held every step of the way during a major lifestyle adjustment, and I couldn’t have imagined a smoother transition. I am so thankful to no longer have to deal with headaches and migraines, IBS, and constantly sweaty palms. Furthermore, GFW equipped me with the necessary tools to apply my (relatively) new GF knowledge to my profession in a way that can benefit my patients.~Jill H.

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