Treatment Guide

Now Is The Time to Understand Your Symptoms and Take Control of Your Health

There has never been a more important time to quickly become as healthy as you can be.

By healthy, I do not mean barely able to drag yourself through the day, only to collapse in front of the TV after work.

I mean vibrant and strong, and energetic during the day and able to sleep at night.

It is time to know how to recognize when you have a problem and understand how to fix it.

  1. Know the gluten-free diet inside and out and how to adapt it to meet your needs.
  2. Reduce Inflammation by eating certain foods and avoiding others.
  3.  Correcting your ongoing nutrient deficiencies and health conditions.
  4. Addressing your medications, so you know which ones may be impacting your health in ways you did not realize.
  5. Incorporating supplements that you need to meet your individual nutritional requirements.
  6. Incorporating natural remedies that boost your health.

These six steps are crucial to your health and they are all contained in the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.

The Treatment Guide grew out of our groundbreaking medical reference, Recognizing Celiac Disease, which was the first to list and detail over 300 signs, symptoms, associated disorders and complications. Endorsed by physicians at Harvard, Columbia, University of Chicago, Jefferson Medical College and other esteemed institutions.

The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide is unique. The information it contains is accurate, comprehensive and based on documented medical research.

It is easy to use. Once you sign up, emails and tutorials will guide you along the way

Become as healthy as you can be, as you should be, in days, not weeks or months.

Click here to learn more about the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.

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Author Information: John Libonati, SW Florida Publisher, & The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.


  1. When it comes to health, understanding unusual symptoms matters. These could be minimal, but if they lead to major health problems down the road, seeking medical assistance is essential.

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    *Human papillomavirus (HPV)-Wart

    *ovarian & cervical cancers


    *Penis Enlargement

    *Human Immune Virus (HIV)

    *Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Aids)

    *Kidney failure




    *Hemorrhagic Fevers

    *The Opioid Epidemic

    *Antibiotic Resistance

    *Vaccine Hesitancy



    *Eye Problem



    *Prostate Problem


    *Weight Management


    *Low sperm Count

    *Weak ejaculation/Weak erection



    *Skin Infection/Skin Problem

    *prostate cancer

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