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How Gluten Free Works® Came to Be


Gluten Free Works® was founded by Celiacs. Our staff had over 35 years of medical experience, but that did not help us get quickly diagnosed. We were hobbled by the same lack of information that has hampered the entire American medical community, a group that is only just beginning to realize the enormity of the gluten sensitivity problem.

We experienced the hardships ourselves of trying to get a handle on what gluten sensitivity and/or celiac disease is all about, while being sick and afraid of food, not knowing where gluten might lurk. Anxiety of what to do soon replaced the gladness of having a diagnosis. We quickly found out what many of you know – that most packaged foods in a grocery store contain gluten in one way or another. Aside from whole foods that are naturally gluten-free, finding safe familiar food was difficult and time-consuming. Finding healthful food was next to impossible.

Living the gluten-free lifestyle mainly depends on our own efforts. Having spent countless hours researching the problem of gluten exposure in susceptible people, we designed our website to share new developments, research, and topics of interest. Providing up-to-date information provides power to be free.

We also know the need for social interconnectedness. Early on we determined to provide a forum for people to share their experiences, find and give support and encouragement, and discover new ways to enjoy food, travel, and leisure. Gluten Free NetWorks accomplishes this mission.

In summary, we are here to help people get well, look good and stay healthy.™  We will never change this mission.

~Gluten Free Works, Inc.