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We Need Your Feedback

We need your feedback!

We have over 2,000 articles on Gluten Free Works, covering everything from remedies to health tips, to recipes and diet advice. We published Recognizing Celiac Disease, the groundbreaking medical reference that introduced the world to over 300 signs, symptoms, associated disorders and complications of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

Millions of people have accessed our website Gluten Free Works over the last 15 years and benefited from our work. We reach thousands every month.

We also have many helpful courses and resources in the pipeline that we are preparing: Healthy Belly Course (how to heal your gut), NutraHealth Course (how to identify and correct nutrient deficiencies), HydroHealth Course (how to improve cellular hydration), and others.

Due to the costs of running such a large website, we can no longer provide access for free.

We would rather not be tied to advertisers so we can objectively review their products.

The alternative is to charge for access.

Here is where we need your help…

Would you rather

1. Pay to access individual article and resources?

2. Pay a monthly fee to access all the website articles, $9.99 for example, which would also give you access to premium webinars and videos and a 50% discount off other digital products like courses?

3. Would you not pay anything for this type of information or access? (It’s ok if this is the case. It just lets us know not to continue the work.)  

Please comment below. Your answer really helps!

Thank you!

John Libonati

Publisher, Gluten Free Works

About John Libonati

Author Information: John Libonati, SW Florida Publisher, & The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.


  1. Well first few times I accessed the site, articles were several years old. Now over the past year + this site articles are now current

  2. Lucille Roscher

    I rarely use this site as my husband is the celiac and we are well versed and well accustomed to being gf. He has no issues with our way of doing things.
    So thank you for the info you do provide to those who really need it, I really have no need for access.

  3. Will not pay

  4. I an retired, on a fixed budget already being strained by inflation and every penny counts. I am only interested in recipes too so I cannot pay at all. I am sorry.

  5. I don’t use the site as often since I have my gluten issues under control.

  6. I already previously paid for the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide UNLIMITED LIFETIME Membership Access (since July 8, 2020); therefore, I would expect full access to all of this website’s articles and information ALWAYS on an ongoing basis !!

  7. Also, I read the articles and use the information shown on your website on a regular basis.
    I find the articles extremely helpful and information and would like your website to continue to exist (with all of your articles and also new articles to be added on an ongoing basis.

  8. Maybe you could have levels of membership. For some $9.99 is a lot. There could be a discount for taking a whole year.

  9. I seldom access this site since I’ve had Celiac for so many years . And there are many Celiac groups who do have advertising on them, but that does not affect the articles or the updates.

    The list of illnesses that may affect a Celiac are the list I consult now and then and is the best compellation I’ve seen. I also dislike recommending a site that charges. You are better off allowing ads.

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