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5 Gluten Free Recipes to Make Your Holidays Merry

Try these five great gluten-free recipes to make your Christmas merry and bright!

Cookies are supposed to come after the meal, but we’re starting out with them…cause, well, I can’t helping snacking on cookies before Christmas dinner.

Decorated Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Recipe

5 Gluten Free Recipes to Make Your Holidays Merry

My family loves decorating cookies.

Here is the perfect go to recipe for making reindeer, Christmas trees, snowmen or stars!

About 4 dozen 2-inch cookies / more or less depending on the size of the cookie cutters you use.

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Men Recipe

What holiday would be complete without Ginger Bread Men?

Try this yummy recipe that the kids (of all ages) will love!

Looking for more cookies?

You’ll find dozens of recipes and products in our Cookies category!

Let’s look at some yummy side dishes…

Gluten-free Holiday Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Nothing says Holiday Meal like cranberry sauce.

The bright red hue adds a splash of color to the table and your plate.

This one uses less sugar than the canned kind.

It also has options for agave nectar and sucanut if you can’t have regular sugar.

Tip: If you don’t think you’ll use all of the cranberries, cut the recipe in half and use the berries in a muffin or loaf.

Gluten-Free Mango Cashew Cornbread Stuffing

This yummy cornbread recipe is both gluten and dairy free.

Make this cashew cornbread a new tradition in your house.

The hearty flavor and texture make this the perfect side dish for your holiday dinner.

And it is SO EASY to make!

Just make sure you have enough for everyone, because it goes fast!

Gluten Free Stuffing and Croutons from Amy the Family Chef

It’s stuffing time! Nom. Nom.

If you’re like me, stuffing is the best part of the meal.

And I always make a double batch so there will be lots of leftovers.

Chef Amy Fothergill brings us this wonderful and easy to make stuffing recipe.

There’s also a crouton recipe…cause we all love croutons – check it out!

Oops. I lied.

I said 5 recipes.

You’re getting a BONUS!

I said five recipes, but I have one more that I KNOW you’re going to love.

Vegan Eggnog Coffee Creamer + Light Dairy-free Eggnog Recipes

Make yourself the perfect Christmas Latte with this gluten-free and dairy-free holiday eggnog creamer.

There’s actually ANOTHER recipe too!

Don’t miss the light version.

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