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Are Your Medications Making You Sick? How to Find Out.

Medications are supposed to make us healthy, right? 

Well, medications are chemicals. Chemicals affect our bodies.

While a medication may improve one issue, it may be exacerbating or even causing other symptoms or problems that you thought were completely unrelated.

This can happen by interfering with absorption or causing depletion of our stores of certain nutrients.

Since different medications use different nutrients, the effect is different per medication.

Here is a frequently experienced scenario.

A medication is prescribed to treat a symptom.

That symptom improves, but another symptom develops due to the medication.

They call this a side effect. Now, that symptom requires a medication.

All too often, people find themselves on multiple medications to try to balance out all the problems caused by each medication.

The answer is to identify the underlying cause of the initial problem and fixing it.

The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide shows you which medication or medications can be causing or worsening your problems.

Here’s how…

Each entry in the Treatment Guide includes a section called Managing your Medications Safely, which lists the possible problem medications for that symptom, disorder, complication or nutrient deficiency.

Let’s look at Bone Pain. 

When you visit the Bone Pain entry, you will find the following medications that may be causing or worsening it under the 6 Steps to Improve or Correct Bone Pain. You can see a multitude of medications can interfere with absorption or deplete nutrients leading to Bone Pain.

Next, we will look at Chronic Anxiety.

Under the Managing Your Medications Safely section, we see that the listed anxiety medications deplete melatonin, a brain chemical necessary for sleep.

This is a perfect example of how a medication for one problem, anxiety, can cause another, insomnia.

A better course of action is to use the Treatment Guide to determine what is causing the anxiety and correcting that issue.

Most symptoms and most health problems are due to inflammation and/or nutrient deficiencies.

If you already know you have a Nutrient Deficiency, you can review the Treatment Guide entry for that deficiency to determine whether a medication that commonly causes deficiency might be affecting you.

Let’s look at Calcium Deficiency…

Each Nutrient Deficiency entry contains a section called Monitor Medications That Deplete or Interfere with Absorption.

This section lists common medications that cause the nutrient to be deficient as you can see with Calcium.

Find out more about the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide and how it can help you here!

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