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Three Health Questions to Ask Yourself This Weekend

Three Health Questions to Ask Yourself This WeekendHere are three important questions to ask yourself this weekend to determine whether you are as healthy as you can be:

Do the Medications I am Taking Treat a Symptom or Cure a Problem?

70% of Americans are taking at least 1 prescribed medication.

50% are taking 2 or more medications.

If you are taking a medication to treat a health issue, ask yourself whether the medication is fixing the cause or just treating the effects of the cause.

Is there an underlying problem that you could fix once and for all?

The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide explains the symptoms and their causes – and there can be multiple causes for the same condition.

It lists any medications that could be exacerbating the problems and gives you a 6 step process for fixing the health issue.

The goal is to find the cause and fix the problem, not cover over the symptoms.

Do I Have Nutrient Deficiencies?

Most people would look in the mirror or at the numbers on the scale, see they are normal or overweight and think, “I obviously do not have any deficiencies. I have the opposite problem.”

But this is not necessarily true.

Being nutrient deficient has nothing to do with body mass index. In fact, functional deficiencies have been linked to being overweight. 80% of functionally deficient women in an Egyptian study were obese.

Yes. You can be fat from being malnourished.

Think about this.

Over 90% of people are nutritionally deficient.

Deficiencies pop up all the time. Sometimes due to not ingesting them. Sometimes due to medications that use them. Sometimes due to malabsorption or some other cause.

Deficiencies result in hundreds of symptoms and health conditions. The good news is you can fix the problem if you fix the deficiency.

We list them in the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide and how to correct them.

Once you solve the deficiency, you correct the health problem.

Instant cure.

Am I in Charge of My Health?

Me completing a 100 mile race, something I could never have done in my “sick” days.

Are you actively in charge of your health? Do you know the signs of poor health? Can you identify issues before they become severe? Do you have access to remedies that work? Are you able to do all the things you want or are you missing out on life?

You can take charge of your health and be stronger, more energetic, and clearer thinking.

You can identify and correct lingering or new problems that you might have been told have no cure, have no cause or cannot be treated. We have seen hundreds, thousands of people get well and stay healthy.

You can too.

The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide will help you take charge of your health. It is comprehensive and easy to use.

Take charge and live well. Visit the Treatment Guide and find your best health.

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