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Gluten Free NetWorks Celebrates Celiac Awareness Month with a GLUTEN-FREE EXTRAVAGANZA!

John Libonati Gluten Free Works, one of the most popular gluten-free websites on the internet, has launched Gluten Free NetWorks,  the newest social network for the gluten-free community!

Gluten Free NetWorks
The newest gluten-free social network on the internet!


Gluten Free NetWorks is celebrating Celiac Awareness Month by giving away hundreds of gluten-free prizes in May.  Get in now on this amazing event!


The Gluten-Free Extravaganza is FREE!!!


The Gluten-Free Giveaway Extravaganza is your chance to win prizes from some of the top gluten-free companies while you make new gluten-free friends and join groups in your city.

Partial List of Participating Companies:


Earth Source Organics   Domata Living Flour   Contes Pasta  Gluten Solutions
Boomi Bar         Enjoy Life  Cheeseburger in Paradise  Lucini Italia   Namaste Foods              Minimus         Ener-G   Bigelow Tea Gluten Free   Marion's Smart Delights   PopCorners   Bob's Red Mill   Annabelle's Candy Company


Sign up now!  You must be a member to win prizes!


Gluten Free NetWorks will announce winning members every day in May!  Announcements of winners and winning products will also be made on, Twitter, Facebook and The Gluten Free Gazette e-newsletter.

Gluten Free NetWorksGluten Free NetWorks is a social network for the gluten-free community. Its mission is to help people “get well, look good and stay healthy” by providing them a place to meet, share information and assist each other. Visit Gluten Free NetWorks to become a member.  Joining the network automatically enters you into the Gluten Free Extravaganza for a chance at prizes.


“Gluten Free NetWorks – The Nexus of the Gluten Free World.”


Celiac disease is the most common genetic autoimmune disease in the world, affecting 1 in 100 people – over 3 million people in the United States alone.  The syndrome is triggered by ingesting gluten (wheat, barley, rye, oats) which causes a systemic immune reaction that among other things damages the lining of the small intestine resulting in malabsorption of nutrients.  Treatment is simply removing gluten from the diet (gluten-free diet) and correcting nutritional deficiencies.  Less than 5% of people with celiac disease are estimated to be diagnosed and proper diagnosis commonly occurs after many years once all other explanations have been explored.  The main reason for the continuing missed diagnosis is lack of awareness of new celiac disease research by members of the medical community.  Celiac disease was historically considered a rare gastrointestinal childhood disease affecting 1 in 5,000 children.  New medical research contradicts this and significantly expands the scope of symptoms.


Attention!!! Gluten Free NetWorks is still accepting sponsors for the Gluten-Free Extravaganza.  If you are a gluten-free company or know of one who you think would like to participate, please click here for a description flyer and entry form

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