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Celiac Awareness Month – Four Health Problems Not Often Related to Celiac Disease That Should Be

Celiac Disease causes hundreds of signs, symptoms, associated disorders and complications. Almost all of them can be improved, reversed or cured by removing gluten from the diet and treating the symptoms individually.

  1. Dental Defects – Most dental enamel defects occur as the teeth are forming. White spots, weakness, ridges and malformed teeth are due to nutrient deficiencies. These issues are frequently said to be caused by antibiotic usage, poor hygiene or genetics. This important article discusses Dental Enamel Defects in Celiac Disease. This article explains how Dentists Can Help to Recognize Celiac Disease.
  2. Muscle Weakness – We tend to get used to how we feel, so many people do not realize they are becoming weaker over time. Nutrient deficiencies due to celiac disease before and even after we adopt a gluten-free diet, if our diet is not sufficient, can lead to muscle weakness. It is important to understand Health in Depth: Muscle Weakness in Celiac Disease.
  3. Nail Problems – Our fingernails are a window to our health. They tell us what we are missing and what we need to do to get healthy. Unfortunately, medical professionals tend to look at nails and tell you the way they look is due to your actions. For example, your doctor may look at your ragged nails and say they are that way because you bite them. You think you caused the problem. In reality, you bite them BECAUSE they are ragged, cracked and flaking. Watch this video to learn How to Read Your Fingernails to Determine Your Nutrient Deficiencies. And remember, Those Wavy Fingernails Are Not a Sign of Good Health.
  4. Infertility – Infertility, Pre-term Birth and Miscarriage all Linked to Gluten Intolerance. A woman who experiences any of these should be tested for celiac disease. So should the father. Why? Infertility is due to nutrient deficiencies. If the man’s sperm is defective, it will not reach the egg or spontaneous abortions will occur shortly after pregnancy begins. If the woman is nutritionally deficient, she cannot carry the baby to term.

These are just four health conditions that can directly or indirectly stem from celiac disease. I chose them because while they should point to celiac disease as a potential cause, they infrequently are.

We list over 300 Signs, Symptoms, Associated Disorders and Complications on this website. We explain how to treat them in our Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.

The sad fact is that most doctors do not know they can be related to celiac disease, so they never investigate the possibility.

What is the impact of this lack of knowledge?

A friend just had her second miscarriage. She asked for a celiac disease test. Her doctor told her she cannot prescribe testing for celiac disease. Why? Because the doctor thinks celiac disease is something gastroenterologists handle.

The damage in celiac disease is cumulative. That means symptoms and health worsen over time. It is only stopped when gluten ingestion stops.

This is why early diagnosis and removal of gluten from the diet is so important.

Please pass along this information to anyone you feel it can help. Thank you!

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