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“Get Well, Look Good and Stay Healthy Living Gluten Free”

We started using this tagline in 2005 when we first published

Optimizing your health has always been our primary goal and we have helped millions of people do just that.

With the Covid-19 pandemic afflicting the world, it is more important than ever to maximize your health and get to the root cause of any ongoing health issues.

Italy is reporting 99% of those who are dying have other illnesses.

The top three illnesses being reported are high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

All three are included in the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide:
Reversible Hypertension, Diabetes Disorders, Heart Disorders.

The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide website is a self-treatment resource that will empower you with the information and tools you need to recover and optimize your own health and well-being as well as work with your healthcare providers to improve your treatment. 

Health conditions can persist or develop even after going gluten-free.

It is time to stop managing health conditions and fix them.

While standard medical treatment uses medications, procedures or surgeries to manage health problems, the Treatment Guide goes beyond treating symptoms to identify and fix the root cause.

This cause may be something as simple as a nutrient deficiency, a trigger that is causing inflammation, or a medication for one issue that is exacerbating another.

With the purpose of helping you achieve the best health you can, right now, we are offering you a subscription to the Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide for just $20.

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The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide is managed by a medical professional, Cleo J. Libonati, RN, BSN, and based on our groundbreaking medical reference, Recognizing Celiac Disease, endorsed by physicians and professors at esteemed medical institutions across the United States: Harvard, Columbia, University of Chicago, Jefferson Medical College, the University of Pennsylvania and others.

We want everyone, everywhere, to be healthy, to have a strong immune system, to understand your individual health needs and meet them.

NEW Additions to the Treatment Guide!

Video Tutorials.
How to ID Nutrient Deficiencies Based On Symptoms
How to Determine Whether Health Conditions Are Related.
How to Work with Your Doctor to Improve Your Treatment

Video Guides on the How to Use This Site section.

Video Guides on the Start Here: How to Fix Your Health section.

Why Subscribe?

The Numbers Are Not Good…

  • 88.7% of people with celiac disease unknowingly consume gluten according to an Argentine study.
  • 40% of people with celiac disease never recover fully.
  • Millions of people are highly functioning but unhealthy.
  • Only 2.7% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle. (It is similar worldwide.)

a) Moderate physical activity for 150 minutes per week
b) Diet score in top 40%.
c) Body fat under 20%.
d) Non smoking.

Now is the time to take charge of your health…for a price that won’t break the bank.

It is EASY and the Treatment Guide will help you!

>>> Subscribe Here! Use Coupon Code: 72GUIDESPECIAL
(This special ends April 1st at 11:59PM EST.)

Your Subscription Will Give You:

  • Video tutorials.
  • Helpful messages that will arrive in your email inbox the first week to get you started, explain important points and guide you to different sections of the website.
  • Remedies to hundreds of health conditions stemming from gluten damage, gluten sensitivity and celiac disease!
  • Descriptions of over 300 Signs, Symptoms, Associated Disorders and Complications related to gluten and celiac disease, the prevalence of each condition as it relates to gluten disorders, what causes the problem, how it responds to a gluten free diet, and our EXCLUSIVE “6 Step” process for each condition shows you EXACTLY how to fix or improve the problem. This is the same process we use ourselves and have recommended to thousands of people!
  • Nutrient deficiencies. Learn how to identify nutrient deficiencies based on symptoms, how nutrients work in the body, the characteristics of each nutrient deficiency, the dietary sources highest in those nutrients and the steps you need to take to correct each deficiency.
  • Printer friendly pages enable you to print the health condition and nutritional deficiency pages – you can bring them to your health care providers or share with friends and family.
  • Summaries of peer-reviewed medical studies and case reports gathered from around the world.
  • The most comprehensive library of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease symptoms in the world – regularly updated so you have access to current information.
  • All information regarding any health problem appears on one continuous page. No need to flip from one page to another for all the information on a topic.
  • No advertisements to confuse the material presented for you.
  • Designed to work on smart phones, tablets and desktops so you can take it wherever you go.
  • Dictionary of terms for your convenience.
  • 24 hour access from anywhere in the world.

Subscribe Here! Use Coupon Code: 72GUIDESPECIAL
(This special ends April 1st at 11:59PM EST.)

As always, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I hope you take advantage of this special offer. You will be glad you did.

Best of health,

John Libonati

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