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Four Reasons Why People Stay Sick Even After Going Gluten-Free

The majority of people do not heal all the way after starting their gluten-free diet. According to one medical study, only 21% had normal cell structure. 69% had partial villous atrophy. 10% had total villous atrophy.

Why don’t people heal after starting a gluten-free diet? This video explains four things that stop us from getting better.

“Lack of adherence to a strict gluten-free diet is the main reason for poorly controlled disease in adults.”1

The four reasons are:

  1. Not understanding the Gluten Free Diet. Find out the safe and unsafe foods and hidden ingredients here.
  2. Not taking the Gluten-Free Diet seriously enough.
  3. Not reading labels.
  4. Contamination in restaurants.

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  1. Libonati, C. Recognizing Celiac Disease, p. 31 

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John Libonati
Author Information: John Libonati, Philadelphia, PA Publisher, & The Gluten Free Works Health Guide. Editor & Publisher, Recognizing Celiac Disease.

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