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May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Spread the Word!

celiac disease awarenessCeliac disease awareness is desperately needed – now more than ever. 

While the gluten-free diet has exploded in popularity, celiac disease remains massively under-diagnosed.

Why? Two Reasons: 

1. The public has shifted its focus to the gluten-free diet and away from celiac disease due to the media. The media likes diets. Diets sell. Oddly named diseases that are difficult to describe in catchy sound bites don’t sell.

2. Doctors do not have the information they need to recognize, diagnose and treat this common disorder. The information exists but there is no authority that actively ensures they receive and implement it. As a result, they don’t know what they don’t know. When patients who hear about the “wonders of the gluten-free diet” request testing, doctors who are ignorant of new research refuse to test them because they do not fit the “classic” profile.

The result is that patients are left to their own devices.

As the gluten-free diet craze explodes, the truth about celiac disease, the syndrome treated by the diet, is being missed…and people who should be cured are still sick and dying.

Increasing Celiac Disease Awareness 

You can help by spreading the word and refocus people on celiac disease. Pass along these important links to your friends, family and physicians: 

Gluten Free Works Membership! – Sign up to receive helpful tips, advice, recipes and product news! It’s free!

Celiac Disease  – An explanation of celiac disease, how it develops and what it does to the body.

Symptoms – Over 300 health conditions directly or indirectly caused by gluten and celiac disease. Here is the simple explanation how so many different symptoms can be caused by one disease. Malabsorption > Nutritional Deficiencies > Health Problems. Yes, it is that easy.

Diagnosis and Testing – How celiac disease should be diagnosed, descriptions of the tests, what results mean and to get tested.

6 Ways Gluten Can Kill You – Just a few of the many ways gluten kills.

Yes You Can Die from Celiac Disease – Why you need to take celiac disease seriously. People are dying from the symptoms of celiac disease while those symptoms are inaccurately being blamed as the cause.

How Celiac Disease Can Make You Crazy – Yes, celiac disease can make you insane…as in medicated and committed to an institution.

Gluten Free Works Health Guide – The Health Guide gives you step by step instructions for quickly identifying and correcting hundreds of symptoms caused by gluten damage and nutrient deficiencies. It is the most comprehensive reference of its type in the world.

Celiac and Gluten Free Tee Shirts! – Show your support with these totally cool tee shirts for men, women and kids! will be providing more celiac disease information throughout the month.

What would YOU like to know about celiac disease? Ask us! Leave a reply below.



Author Information: John Libonati, Florida
Gluten Free Works Health Guide
Editor & Publisher, Recognizing Celiac Disease.
John can be reached by e-mail here.


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Author Information: John Libonati, SW Florida Publisher, & The Gluten Free Works Treatment Guide.


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