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iPHONE App scandal Rocks the Gluten-free Community

I reported this week on a new iPHONE application, My Grocery Master, which allows users to locate gluten-free foods and brands according to zip code. The application claimed to not only allow users to locate gluten-free and lactose-free food items in popular grocery stores nationwide, but it also claimed to help users locate the product via detailed driving directions, all for an annual fee of $4.99.

While this iPHONE application (also available for iPAD and iTOUCH) purported to aide gluten-free consumers in their quest for all things allergen-free, it seems the app isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I have received an outpouring of complaints from the gluten-free community that My Grocery Master is a completely ineffective tool. People have reported that they are experiencing problems searching grocery store databases, and that WalMart seems to be the only store open for search. Also, other users report not being able to locate any gluten-free items at all. While, yes, this is inconvenient, no Celiac or gluten intolerant people need worry about possible contamination, as no false labeling has occurred.

The consensus is that My Grocery Master is an ineffective tool at the moment, and unless repairs are made to the application, it isn’t worth the $4.99 annual fee. I have reported the numerous complaints I received to the Account Executive, Megan O’Haus. I would suggest anyone angered with the application do the same and funnel their energies toward notifying the company, so that other people are spared the cost and inconvenience.

Author Information: Liz Schau, Tampa, FL
Liz Schau, Health Writer

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