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Gluten Free Living: Reducing Your Food Budget in the New Year


With 2010 just around the corner, many people are working on their lists of New Years Resolutions. It comes as no surprise that, with the economy the way it is, that one of the New Years Resolutions topping the list this year is trying to reduce spending. For gluten free households, this can be a challenging thing to do.

Grocery_CartA single loaf of gluten free bread can cost between six and ten dollars. Add to that the expense of flours, pasta and the ever present snack foods and the grocery budget can get out of control very quickly.

If your grocery budget could use a little trimming this new year, these suggestions may help.

Plan meals weekly and only buy what you need for the meals, leaving the excessive snacks on the shelf.

Declare bread a luxury item and limit the household to one loaf a week.

Order the allergen free box monthly from Angel Food Ministries.

Include more naturally gluten free foods in your diet (fruits, vegetables, lean meats, etc.) and try to have at least three meals a week that don’t include expensive gluten free foods.

Subscribe to your grocery store’s newsletter and watch for sales.

Stock up on the gluten free goods you need while prices are low.

It may take some careful planning and discipline, but it can be easier than you think to ring in the new year with a trimmer budget and a fatter wallet. As an added bonus, following these tips may also help with the second most popular New Years Resolution, weight loss.

Author Information: Marissa Carter, Kansas City
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About Marissa Carter

Marissa Carter
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