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Tropical Traditions Gluten Free Coconut Flour


In the world of gluten free flours, there are so many choices that it can be hard to choose which one is best for you and your family. You could literally use a different flour for each recipe and achieve different results every time. After studying the nutritional benefits of a lot of the products out there, I came to the conclusion that to replace the benefits of whole wheat you need to use a whole grain of another kind.

Sorghum, Buckwheat and Quinoa are all good substitutes. They offer the high fiber and protein that our bodies need. Sometimes, depending on the recipe, these flours offer the nutrition at the expense of flavor and texture.

marissa_carter_Coconut_Palm_2_Thanks to Tropical Traditions, I have discovered a new flour that offers the fiber and protein needed, without sacrificing taste. I discovered by trying Tropical Traditions Coconut Flour that it added a whole new flavor dimension and texture to my recipes. It isn’t a whole grain, but it is a whole food, which means that the nutritional standards are still met.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Flour is made from the fiber of the coconut meat after the oil has been extracted. The flour is pure coconut, which means it tastes and smells like coconut. It’s a great addition to smoothies, recipes and anything that could use some tropical flare.

It’s true that not every recipe is complimented by the flavor of coconut, but it was amazing to see how many were made better by the slight change in flavor. It is perfect for just about any dessert, the sweet taste of coconut made excellent brownies. It also proved perfect as a coating for chicken because it browns up so beautifully and adds a great flavor.


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About Marissa Carter

Marissa Carter
Marissa is an active member of the gluten free community. She writes gluten free recipes and informational articles online. She also writes reviews of restaurants and gluten free products. Contact Marissa at lostscribe@been-there.com

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