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Enjoying Lattes at Home. Gluten-Free of Course.

So foamy…

I LOVE when I find something new that I can add to my diet. Especially when it is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD.

One of the newest additions is the latte.

My wife, Sally, ordered us a Gourmia milk frother a couple months ago. Her work had gotten one a few weeks before and she RAVED about how great it made their lattes.

The Gourmia Frother is a pitcher looking device that plugs into the wall. It has a spinner at the bottom that furiously whips the milk into a thick, dreamy foam. You can set it to hot or cold foam.

I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but at $35 including shipping, it wasn’t too expensive and I figured it would be a neat gadget to use once in awhile or for special occasions. (And we wouldn’t have to worry about cross contamination. Woohoo!)

Yeah, well. Every morning is now a special occasion.

Seriously, I make lattes every single morning with this thing. The novelty has turned into a a ritual.

A very happy, very satisfying ritual.

Here’s how the ritual goes.

Daisy loves getting her picture taken. Duke is more interested in the neighbors.

Wake up. Yawn. Stretch. Sally is up and has already let the dogs out.

Greet the dogs in the kitchen. We have two chihuahuas, Duke and Daisy. Little Daisy has a heart murmur, so she needs special medicine. She hates her medicine.

I put her medicine in Smuckers Natural peanut butter. Duke also gets the peanut butter, but his is medicine-free.

They both think peanut butter is medicine now. They both love their medicine.

Next, I scoop some Lavazza espresso into a k-cup.

The k-cup goes into the Keurig Coffee Maker, a Christmas gift from my mother in law. (Thanks, Ma!)

I place a coffee cup below the spout and press the middle cup button. Sometimes I add a spoonful of fructose to the cup before I press start.  (I use fructose because I can’t tolerate regular sugar/sucrose.)

Almost done!

Now the fun begins.

I plug in the Gourmia and lift off the lid.

I pour in some goat milk (Sally gets soy milk) with a little fructose and press the top button. The top button heats the foam. The bottom just froths it.

I wait about a minute.

The Keurig makes the coffee. The Gourmia froths the milk into a thick, creamy foam.  The result is AMAZING for a fraction of the price of Starbucks. And, it has the added benefit that you know it is gluten-free.

Now, I’m not saying you need to run out and get yourself a Gourmia Frother.

Heck, I’m not even saying you need to start drinking coffee. (Did I tell you it makes an AWESOME hot chocolate?!?)

I am saying if you want to start a wonderful morning ritual and enjoy a fantastic latte, get one of these Gourmia Frothers.

We got ours here on Amazon.

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