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Gluten-free 101: What is gluten-free at Hardee’s?

Kimberly_Bouldin_Exam_OHEating on the run is one of the hardest things to do when you have to follow a strict gluten-free diet. No one likes to have to depend on fast food or food on the go, but let’s face it, in this day & age, it is inevitable. It isn’t always possible to plan ahead & pack something safe to eat. Enter: fast food restaurants. More fast food restaurants are starting to cater to those with special dietary needs. Hardee’s is a great example.
Hardee’s not only has a gluten-free burger, but they have a salad & breakfast bowl option as well. Hardee’s sent me the following email today:

How’s this sound? Folded eggs topped with a sausage patty and Swiss cheese, piled with a loaded omelet, and finished with shredded cheddar and bacon bits. A charbroiled 100% Black Angus beef patty, cheese and all the fixings, packed in a fresh whole-leaf lettuce wrap. Oh, did I mention these were gluten-free options? Who knew you could gluten-free it at the drive through at Hardee’s?

What many people don’t know is that at Hardee’s you can order anything on the menu any way you like it. No gluten? No problem. Visit for some ideas and to download a coupon to make your own flavor experiment on us.

It’s really the easiest way to treat yourself to a tasty, inexpensive, fast option that satisfies your appetite while sticking to your diet.

Spread the word, indulge yourself and let us know what options you come up with. Tell us your own personal favorite menu creation. You never know – we may just name it after you!

It is so great to have another option out there. Thanks Hardee’s for making things a little easier for those who need to follow a gluten-free diet.

For more info: Please visit Hardee’s or Gluten-free is Life. **As always, eating out is risky and please make sure to verify that what you order is gluten-free.

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  • Stephanie Hilton says:

    The problem with fast food restaurants is that it extends beyond the menu. Most of the staff do not handle the food appropriately and there is cross contamination. We’ve tried the salad wrap burger and the headache and stomach pain almost always follow after. Until there is a separate prep and cooking area gluten free eaters will have issues.

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