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Nutrient Deficiencies Symptom Chart: Know Where You Stand So You Can Control Your Health

by John Libonati on September 13th, 2011

nutrient deficiency symptoms

Know the Symptoms of Nutrient Deficiencies so You Can Be Healthy!

The impact of nutritional deficiencies on health should be common knowledge among the medical professional community. All doctors, nurses and other medical professionals should be able to quickly and accurately identify and diagnose functional nutritional deficiencies in patients and correct those deficiencies. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Medical teaching institutions do not focus on nutrition, so many medical professionals are not equipped to recognize the signs of nutritional deficiencies until the patient is extremely sick. In most cases, the patient is able to function, just not at his or her potential. He or she may have weight issues, skin, hair or digestive problems, anxiety or difficulty concentrating. This is called a functional nutrient deficiency.

Instead of identifying the deficiencies and underlying cause (malabsorption from celiac disease, poor diet, etc.), the patient is given drugs that frequently worsen the deficiencies as the drugs attempts to force the body to use up the rest of the nutrients it does not have enough of in the first place. Once the nutrient stores are gone, the patient is left worse than before he or she began treatment.

This Nutrient Deficiency Symptom Chart will help you recognize the various signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies so you can take charge of your health.  The chart links to the most advanced nutrition test available, so you can find out where you stand and what you need to correct your deficiencies, get well and stay healthy. This nutrition test is different from the standard tests physicians perform. Standard tests measure nutrient levels in your blood. This test measures nutrient levels in your cells.

Everyone at uses this test - because it works.

Click here to see a larger pdf version of the chart below. (You are free to print this pdf and distribute to friends and family as long as you do not change it or remove our contact information.)

Symptoms of Nutrient Deficiencies - Gluten Free Works


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