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Katz’s Gluten Free Masters Gluten Free Treats

by Kaitlin Fleming on February 22nd, 2010


Finding great tasting gluten free foods can be a struggle. More and more places are popping up all over that are mastering the skill of baking without gluten.

Katz’s Gluten Free from Monroe, NY recently sent me a box full of samples to review. Everything was simply delicious. I tried the chocolate chip cookies, samples of various breads, and their chocolate and cinnamon rugelech. All were beyond my expectations.

The cookies were better than any other pre-made gluten free cookie I’ve had. They tasted just like real-homemade chocolate chip cookies. The bread was moist and great by itself. As we all know, some gluten free bread can be more like a tasteless piece of foam, and this was the opposite. I loved the rugelech, they were great warmed up in the morning.

From their website you can order all of the various products to be shipped all over the country. Their kitchen is dedicated gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free, so no worries on contamination.

Now, they just need to start selling this stuff in San Francisco.

------------------- "Kaitlin is a free-lance writer and photographer who just moved to San Francisco. She's beginning a journey in discovering gluten free eating, shopping and cooking in a new fantastic city. Contact Kaitlin here. kaitlin@gnimelf.net < kaitlin@gnimelf.net>"

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  1. Sally says:

    I took your advice and bought some of the Katz products and it was amazing, what a great selection, Kudso to Katz

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