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10 Must Have Gift Ideas For Your Gluten Free Friends and Family

I asked gluten-free folks what they thought were their favorite gluten-free gifts or ones they really wanted for the Holidays.

Here is what they said!

  • Cooler Bag – Here is the Lifewit Large Lunch Bag Insulated Lunch Box Soft Cooler Cooling Tote for Adult Men Women, 24-Can – Only $19.99!

  • Toaster Bags – These are super convenient for traveling! Order either 4 bags for $6.99 or 10 for $12.99.

  • Dash Electric Griddle – For pancakes, cookies, burgers, quesadillas, eggs and other on-the-go foods. This one is $27.50. Other sizes and open top types are available.

  • Eos Lip Balm – This one is Amazon’s Choice. EOS 100% Natural and Organic Shea Lip Balm Sphere Variety Pack 6 Count. Price – $19.02

Are there any ideas that you don’t see up here, but think would make a great gift??

Put them in a comment below!


Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Round Up

Here are eight great gluten-free cookies to make sure you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Decorated Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Recipe

Decorated gluten-free sugar cookies are fast and easy to make using a food processor to mix the cookie dough. You can use either amaranth flour or a combination of rice flours to prepare this recipe, both work well.The icing recipe was adapted from a recipe by Stephanie Gallagher, Guide to Cooking for Kids. Read more…

Christmas Gluten-free Lemon Almond Cookie Recipe

Many years ago, Read More »

Eight Last Minute Gluten Free Christmas Present Gift List

Here is a great list of eight gluten-free items for your friends, family or yourself!

1. Nima Gluten Sensor. Save $50

2. Nima Gluten Sensor Capsules. 6 Pack. (6 total capsules)

3. Katz Gluten Free Best Seller Multi Pak. Pack of 12. Dairy, Nut and Gluten Free!

Best Seller Pack: Chocolate and Vanilla Crème Cakes, Chocolate Crème Cupcakes, Powdered, Cinnamon and Glazed Donuts, Powdered and Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes, Cinnamon Rugelach, English Muffins, Marble Loaf, Blueberry Mini Pies.

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Save On Gluten Free Foods At Amazon Warehouse

I love Amazon! As an Amazon Prime member, my shipping is usually free and my orders show up at my door the next day or in two days.

And I gotta admit it, getting packages from Amazon is like getting presents. Nevermind the fact that I bought my own gifts. It’s still fun to carry in the box and rip it open to find the stuff inside.

Unfortunately, some brick and mortar stores seem to be cutting back on gluten-free product variety.

Products I counted on disappear.

Sure, if I find them in the clearance rack, the prices are great.

But the clearance deals are a downer because I know those products won’t be back on the shelves.

It is reassuring to know that Amazon carries Read More »

South Koreans Are Turning to Rice Straws After Plastic Ban

In the push against using plastic straws, South Korea has found a novel use for rice – Rice Straws!

Many restaurants in the United States are replacing their plastic straws with pasta straws.

The South Korean Straws are 70% rice and 30% tapioca.

Rice straws are a great gluten-free option!

Amazon has several for sale. We haven’t tried them yet, but we have reached out to the companies to ask them if they are gluten-free and are waiting to hear back.

[Edit: CocoBoo Rice Straws are gluten-free according to the company.]

Have you used rice straws? Let us know which ones work best for you! Thanks!