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Tofu and Cheese Quesadillas

I have to say that my husband is one brilliant chef. I love him.

He always does the complicated yummy dishes, but sometimes it is simple and delightful.

These quesadillas were just that – simple and delightful.

These savory quesadillas were so good and the Daiya cheese made them perfect!

1 package of corn tortillas
1 package of mozzarella Daiya cheese
1 package of cheddar Daiya cheese
1 14 oz. pack of tofu
Olive oil for frying
1 tbsp Mrs. Dash table blend original, or to taste
1 tbsp Chicken like seasoning
1 tsp Garlic powder, or to taste1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt, or to taste


First, place a plate out with a napkin on it.
Heat a frying pan with medium/high heat and place about 1- 1/2 tbsp of olive oil in it.
Take your tofu, and cut the block into approx. 1/4 inch thick strips. Once they are cut, fry them in the oiled pan on both sides, adding all of the seasonings mentioned up top. Fry until the tofu is evenly light golden brown. Your strips will look like this photo:

Take the tofu strips when they are done, and place them to the side on the plate.
Now for the quesadilla, place olive oil in the pan again.
Once it is hot, add 2 white corn tortillas.
Fry tortillas on one sides until they are lightly tanned and semi firm (not like a tortilla chip)
While they are getting that slight tan, remove your Daiya cheese packages, from the package and mix them together with your hand to make a mozzarella/cheddar mix.
Once that one side is done, flip your tortillas for the other side to fry
Add your mozzarella/cheddar mix now (as much cheese as you want), and tofu strips (as many as you like) to one side of the quesadilla. It will look like this, except to do it the best, only add the content (cheeses mixed, and tofu) to one side of the quesadilla:

Now flip the other side of the quesadilla (the side with no content on it) on the top of the other (with the cheese mix and tofu) after the cheese starts to melt and into the tofu, and then flip the entire quesadilla one more time.
When it is crisp and ready, remove and cut into triangles.
Repeat process as many times as you want quesadillas. What you have just done yields one quesadilla.
Now this process looks difficult, but it is easy as you get into the rhythm of it and once the tofu is prepared. You can make these without tofu for a quicker meal and you can do it with GF veggie burger crumbles which is equally as good.
Your end results should look similar to these!

Serve with Tofutti Better than Sour Cream, Guacamole, or Salsa (or all three)

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