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Gluten-Free Deal Alert! Half Off Whale Tail’s “Chia-Infused” Torchia Chips!

On Sale NOW at!
Hurry! This is a LIMITED Deal – Ends Sunday April 15th!

About This Deal

Today’s deal offers you a delicious and nutritious spin on the traditional chip that’s just too good to pass up: pay just $24 for $48 worth of Whale Tail’s ultra healthy and delicious Chia-infused blue corn “Torchia” chips!

That’s 12 LARGE 9 oz. bags – an ENTIRE case – for 50% off!

Click Here for this GLUTEN-FREE DEAL!

Blue Corn Chia is the best healthy snack for a gluten-free casein-free diet. The beauty of blue corn is the amount of antioxidants it contains. The Anthocyanin in the chips help with anti inflammatory and connective tissue regeneration. These chips not only taste great, but will help you look younger, feel healthier, and have a clear complexion!

Chia seeds are high in fiber, have twice the protein of any other seed or grain, five times the calcium of milk, and contain boron which is trace mineral that helps transfer calcium into your bones, as well as omega 3 and omega 6 essential oils! These organic blue corn chips are infused with chia and provide an amazing amount of energy so put down the junk and live your day like a warrior!!

Whale Tail partners with Wyland, a world-renowned marine artist and environmentalist, in their mission to promote, protect, and preserve the world’s ocean, waterways, and marine life. In order to pursue this shared aim, Whale Tails Chips donate 10 percent from the new bags of chips to the Wyland foundation. That’s the key to making a difference: teaching children to be good stewards of the sea!

Grab this deal today and enjoy delicious chips that will not only make you feel good on the inside, but look great on the outside as well – at a fraction of the original price!

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