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Gluten Free Indulgence: Kitchen Table Bakers’ Parmesan Cheese Crisps

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Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Crisps Gluten Free

Nine Varieties of Kitchen Table Bakers' Parmesan Crisps

Many snacks are labeled “cheese,” but only Kitchen Table Bakers’ Parmesan Cheese Crisps can rightfully claim this title. They are, after all, made from 100% parmesan cheese.


That’s right. While other companies use a bit of cheese to flavor their products, Kitchen Table Bakers delivers the tastiest cheese as the whole part for you to savor.

We tested all nine product flavors: Aged Parmesan, Rosemary, Jalapeno, Basil Pesto, Sesame, Flaxseed, Italian Herb, Everything, and Garlic. We also tried the Aged Parmesan mini crisps.

Our take – Kitchen Table Bakers’ Parmesan Crisps are a unique gourmet indulgence and totally satisfying.


About the Cheese Crisps:

We first met Barry Novick, the president of Kitchen Table Bakers, at a Celiac Disease event being held at Columbia University in 2005. He had recently started his business. As attendees raved about the taste of his cheese crisps, he proudly described how his products were made from the best all natural parmesan cheese and were 100% gluten-free. Like many in the gluten-free industry, Barry became involved to improve his own health. This makes him just as passionate about the safety of his products as he is about the flavor.

Kitchen Table Bakers’ Gourmet Parmesan Crisps are:

  • Made from 100% aged parmesan cheese.
  • Low in carbohydrates, less than 1 gram per serving.
  • All natural – no preservatives.
  • Sugar-free, gluten-free, wheat-free.
  • Low in calories (70-80 calories per serving).
  • Contain no trans fats.
  • Rich in calcium and protein.
  • Accepted by the Celiac Sprue Association, Gluten Intolerance Group, Feingold Association and others.

Each 3 oz. container contains 14-16 three inch cheese crisps. The Aged Parmesan also comes in a 1.75 oz. package of mini crisps, each about 1 inch in diameter.


The Packaging:

Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Crisps Gluten FreeKitchen Table Bakers’ employs smart, attractive labeling and packaging. Flavor types are color coded for easy identification.

The cheese crisps present well, sitting in clear plastic trays nestled in clear plastic boxes. The mini crisps come in a re-sealable Mylar bag. The crisps are ready to eat right out of the box or bag.

The crisps themselves look delectable, with rich colors and noticeable herbs and ingredients throughout the cheese.


The Flavor:

Supremely flavorful, absolutely cheesy and totally satisfying.

Robust is the best single word to describe the overall taste. Every type is intensely and distinctly flavored. Sesame, jalapeno, garlic, basil pesto – you know what you are eating at the first bite, or even beforehand as the aromas are as mouthwatering as the flavors.

The cheese crackers are perfectly crispy, not hard or chewy. Although they are crispy, they stay together well. That means they will not shatter and make a mess when you bitten or used with dips, canapés or other toppings.



Kitchen Table Bakers’ Parmesan Crisps are made from 100% parmesan cheese. Parmesan cheese happens to be the most calcium rich of all cheeses. Just three Aged Parmesan Crisps gives you 20% of your recommended daily allowance of calcium and 7 grams of protein. Now, you also get 9% of your daily fat intake (18% saturated fat), but that is to be expected in a cheese product. And frankly, they are very rich, so three crisps are enough to satisfy your appetite.

The conclusion – these are gourmet snacks. They are the exclamation points in your diet, not the main course.


How to Enjoy:

Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Crisps Gluten Free

You can easily see all the spices and ingredients.

You can eat Kitchen Table Bakers’ Parmesan Crisps by themselves, with wine or as a base for ors d’oeuvres. They are fantastic crouton replacements. Each little crispy bite bursts with flavor. The crisps are strong enough to use with dips without breaking.

Their unique texture, taste and presentation make them excellent for impressing guests. Edible conversation pieces, present these delightful morsels at your next party. People will definitely ask you where you got them.

If you are dieting, consider the crisps as your reward snack. One or two will curb your appetite without adding a lot of calories. The Aged Parmesan mini crisps are convenient for traveling or to use as workplace snacks.

However you plan to eat them you will quickly realize Kitchen Table Bakers’ Parmesan Crisps are anything but your run-of-the-mill snacks. Cookies, muffins and crackers are snacks. These are an indulgence to be savored.



In 2004, after 30 years in the hospital administration industry and an unhealthy amount of weight gain, Kitchen Table Bakers president, Barry Novick was ready for a change. An avid cook, Barry started eating low carb and set out to develop a “safe, salty, crunchy and delicious” to curb his food cravings. His parmesan crisps and a 40 pound weight loss were the result. His friends loved his cheese crisps so much they all told him to start a business. So, at age 55, Barry started Kitchen Table Bakers. A testament to the quality of his products, orders started the very first day he delivered samples to stores. Since those humble beginnings, Kitchen Table Bakers has won numerous gold and silver gourmet food industry awards, been featured on the Rachael Ray show, and reviewed by Glamour Magazine and many websites and blogs. By word of mouth, the celiac, bariatric, low carb and diabetic customers spread the word far and wide.


Where to Get Them:

Online at and

Retailers: Wegman’s, Whole Foods, Giant Eagle, Safeway, Grace’s Market, Balducci’s, Kings, Fresh Market, Andronica’s, Woodlands, Bristol Farms, Rice Epicurean Markets, Central Markets, Shaw’s, Roche Brother’s and other grocery, natural health and specialty stores throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Japan.



Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Crisps are gourmet foods made from natural, premium cheeses and priced accordingly. Gourmet foods are priced between $4.99 and $6.99 per package. Suggested retail price is $5.99 for the Original 3 inch Crisps and $3.99 for the Mini Crisps. readers will receive a 15% discount when purchasing through through September 30, 2011 by using promo code “parmcrispsGFW” at checkout.

Contact Information:

Kitchen Table Bakers
41 Princeton Drive
Syosset, NY 11791
Phone: 800-486-4582

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