Mrs. Richardson’s Dessert Toppings Are Gluten-free

Mrs. Richardson’s dessert toppings make a fantastic gluten-free addition to any bowl of ice cream.  Top with some Cool Whip, nuts and a cherry and you have yourself a sundae.  Ice cream in the winter?  Of course!  

Mrs. Richardson’s, manufactured by Baldwin Richardson Foods Co., has several different varieties of dessert toppings. They include: 

Butterscotch Caramel
Fat Free Caramel
Chocolate Lover’s Fudge
Hot Fudge
Fat Free Hot Fudge

Think the dessert toppings are just for topping desserts?  Think again.  There are many recipes* on the website to get your creative juices working.  One recipe in particular that worked well with the Butterscotch Caramel sauce is this Chocolate Heath Crunch Cake.  

Looking for Mrs. Richardson’s near you? Use their website’s store locator.

*Not all recipes on the recipe page are gluten-free, but should be able to be easily modified.  


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  • Carri gray says:

    Your new “hot fudge”. Or dessert topping. Absolutely disgusting! I am so madly in love with your old hot fudge with preservatives. I would NEVER use any other fudge topping. I have told a lot of family, friends and pretty much every that would listen to try your hot fudge and they would never use any other brand for the rest of their life!! Please please keep your hot fudge with preservatives on the shelves!!!! I can honestly say that I tried to like the new preservative free hot fudge, but it really is gross!!!!

    • Ken says:

      Why can’t I find Mrs Richards Butterscotch caramel topping anymore in any of the stores? I hope they didn’t stop making it.

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