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Dr. Kenneth Fine to lecture at April 18th Atlanta Metro Celiacs Support Group Meeting

Dr. Kenneth Fine will give a lecture on Sunday, April 18th from 3:00pm – 5:00pm at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (at Scottish Rite) in the Main Auditorium. Dr. Fine will be addressing the members of the Atlanta Metro Celiacs, the local adult support group for people on the gluten-free diet.

The topic for Dr. Fine’s lecture is: “The Historic and Current Clash of Man vs. Gluten: Understanding the Gluten Sensitivity Epidemic”. Dr. Fine will describe some of the history and anthropology of how gluten-containing grains became our primary foodstuffs and why it has resulted in so much disease and immune reaction today.

Dr. Fine is an academic medical doctor, board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology, and internationally recognized for his nutritional research and scientific publications. He has been professionally involved in patient care, medical research, teaching, directing clinical laboratories, nutritional pioneering, and public health for more than 20 years.

Dr. Fine. is the founder and current director of EnteroLab clinical reference laboratory and the non-profit Intestinal Health Institute in Dallas, Texas, where he has furthered his ground-breaking research and offers diagnostic laboratory tests for intestinal disorders, and gluten and other food sensitivities.

All of the Atlanta Metro Celiacs support group meetings are open to the public and no RSVP is required. However, if you are interested in joining the support group, please visit their website and fill out an application form. Becoming a member of the group gets you on their email distribution list and includes the following benefits:

    Welcome Letter is a 10 page document full of information to help you follow the gluten free diet
    Membership Directory – full of information regarding: Physicians, Local Health Food Stores, Internet Sites, Books, Shopping Guides and Magazines, etc.
    Meeting notices and communication regarding gluten-free issues (local and national) via email
    Bi-monthly newsletter filled with information on gluten free reading, vendors, events, recipes, etc.
    Holiday themed mini-newsletters (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
    Gluten Free Restaurant list of more than 100 local restaurants with a gluten free menu and a listing of Bakeries, Caterers and Chefs who prepare/offer gluten free food/services

Scottish Rite is located at:
1001 Johnson Ferry Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30342

Author Information: Jennifer D. Harris, Atlanta, GA
Jennifer D. Harris,
Gluten-Free Product Specialist, Return to Eden.
Program Chair, Atlanta Metro Celiacs,
Twitter @jenniferGFinGA

About Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris
Author Information: Jennifer D. Harris, Atlanta, GA Jennifer D. Harris, Atlanta Gluten-Free Examiner Program Chair, Atlanta Metro CeliacsTwitter@jenniferGFinGA

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