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Top 10 foods to pack for gluten-free travel

Almost everyone who plans a trip the first time after they start living gluten-free has the same question – “how am I going to eat safely away from home?” The answer is simply – by doing some gluten-free home work. They need to do research about gluten-free dining options where they’re headed, and they need to pack some food for the trip.
Here is a list of things that are easy to find and are not likely to be confiscated by airport security. Most of these item can be used for a plane ride and upon arrival to your destination. Brands listed are not the only gluten-free options.

Nutrition bars. Larabars, Kind Bars, Oskri Bars, Bakery on Main.

Travel size packs of nuts. Ingle’s and Trader Joes sell these (12 packs for $4.99 at TJ’s).

Crackers (or pretzels).Glutino, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Ener-G, Nut Thins.

Dried Fruit. Bare Fruit; many mainstream brands of dried fruit are gluten-free.

Gluten-free cereals. Eat as a snack without milk or for breakfast with it. Ewewhon, Gluten-Free Chex, Trader Joe’s gluten-free granola, Bakery on Main.

Packets of Tuna. Major brands like Starkist offer gluten-free options

Boiled eggs. consider packing with frozen peas for cooling as some are ice packs are not allowed through security

Chocolate. Snickers, Almond Joy, Mounds and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are gluten-free, like a host of other chocolate bars. Candy bars with cookies in them contain gluten (Twix, Kit Kat, etc.) When visiting warm destinations, don’t pack more chocolate than you can eat on the flight (or in the car, bus or train)

Cookies. Pamela’s sells a two pack of gluten-free cookies

Turkey pepperoni packs (or cooked bacon). Turkey pepperoni ; Go Picnic ; gluten-free fully cooked bacon is available from several companies, including Publix.

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Tiffany Janes
Tiffany is known as the gluten-free warrior of Atlanta and is considered the most discriminating gluten-free diner around. She works as a gluten free consultant in the Atlanta area and was recently given a Top Health Blogger award for her gluten-free lifestyle blog. If you have questions for Tiffany please contact her at Tiffany also writes the Gluten-Free Travel Examiner page.
  • Georgia says:

    If you’re going on a car trip when you can travel heavier gluten free rice crackers and peanut butter is great as is gluten free crackers in general and corn tortillas because you can make an addition to that at any pit stop!

  • Jean says:

    I also carry peanut butter to eat with my g/f pretzels. Good; and is nutritious.

  • Kate says:

    If you’ll have a fridge or a cooler, hummus and cheese are good options. It helped me this past week when I was out of town for work. I had gf crackers and cheese and fruit every morning for breakfast, and tostitos and hummus for a midnight snack :)

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