Celiac Disease: Educating for Life Presentation, Feb. 10, Chester County PA


On February 10th, I will be presenting Celiac Disease: Educating for Life to the Chester County Gluten Intolerance Group. This important topic covers the obstacles to prompt, successful diagnosis and treatment in the United States and the need for physician education to overcome these obstacles, reverse public frustration with the medical community and stop the shift of the public’s focus from celiac disease and gluten sensitivity to the gluten-free diet fad.

Chester County Pennsylvania Gluten Intolerance Group Announcement

Next meeting: Wednesday February 10, 2010

Fern Hill Wellness Resource Center, Bldg B
915 Old Fern Hill Road, West Chester, PA 19380
(near intersection of Phoenixville Pike, Goshen Rd, Fern Hill Rd and Old Fern Hill Rd)

Vendors from 6:30 pm
Meeting 7:15- 8:30

Feb 10 Speaker: John Libonati, founder of GlutenFreeWorks.com , editor and publisher of Recognizing Celiac Disease.

“Celiac Disease: Educating for Life”John will discuss the current situation in celiac disease diagnosis and treatment and the obstacles to improvement in diagnosis and medical care. Attendees will learn what the National Institutes of Health Panel on Celiac Disease announced in 2004, and how the focus shifted from celiac disease to the gluten-free diet “fad” in Europe and Australia.

Additionally, Mary McSurdy from Kimberton Whole Foods will speak about the Psychological Aspects of Celiac Disease.

You can check the dates of upcoming meetings at the Chester County Hospital website:
Look under Programs and Support for “Gluten Intolerance”.

“Author Information: John Libonati, Philadelphia, PA
Publisher, Glutenfreeworks.com.
Editor & Publisher, Recognizing Celiac Disease.
John can be reached at john.libonati@glutenfreeworks.com.”

About John Libonati

John Libonati

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