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Houlihan’s Unveils New Small Plates Menu with Gluten Free Choices


Kansas City Restaurant diners are in an elite group! Houlihan’s is unveiling their new small plates menu and Kansas City is on their list of test markets. The best part for the gluten free elite? Five of the 30+ dishes on the menu are gluten free.

houlihans_4oz_filetThe new small plates menu from Houlihan’s was developed in response to the rising trend in smaller portion sizing.

“Our small plates menu is really a concept evolution in response to the converging of several macro trends,” said Jen Gulvik, Vice President of Marketing and Creative Director for Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc. “Boomers have been driving the health & wellness trend, and they’re wanting smaller portions and ‘snack meals,’ along with the older Matures demographic; meanwhile, younger adult Millennials are social diners who graze and drink their dinners in groups, sharing plates in more of a communal style of dining. And short-term, consumers across all segments are seeking value. Small plates delivers on all of those accounts.”

Houlihans_Greek_Chic_ChickenAs far as the gluten free items on the menu are concerned, Houlihan’s is careful to add this statement to their menu: “We are not a gluten free environment, but items indicated with a ‘G’ have gluten free ingredients.” Meaning that all due caution should be used when Celiac Disease is a concern.

The five new small plates menu items that are made with gluten free ingredients are:

    Greek Chic Chicken Kabobs
    Parmesan Frites
    American Fries
    Grilled 4oz. Atlantic Salmon
    Grilled 4oz. Fillet Mignon

Enjoy them at any of your local Kansas City Houlihan’s locations or click here to find a Houlihan location near you.

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