Gluten Free Candy for Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start stocking up on all those sugary sweets we all love. Goodies come in all shapes, sizes and ingredients labels.

There are so many candy lists on the web that there can be some conflicting and confusing results when you Google “candy gluten free”. Half of the lists are out dated and the forums contain as many questions as answers. halloween_candy(2)

Never fear, answers are here! After looking around (a lot) I am ready to deem the Halloween Candy List on Sure Foods Living to be the most informative and up to date listing available.

With a publishing date of October 6, 2009, you can’t be much more recent. The information aspect is fantastic. This list doesn’t just cover what candy doesn’t contain gluten, but also what the candy does contain. All ingredients and possible contaminants for the 8 most common allergies are listed.

Some highlights for this year:

  • Brach’s has not changed their stance and will not publish a gluten free listing. None of their candy should be considered gluten free due to possible cross contamination.
  • Smarties are Celiac Safe.
  • Farrara Pan products are gluten free and made in a facility that is as well.
  • Hershey’s says they take allergies seriously and their labeling reflects that.
  • Spangler has facilities that are 100% gluten free!And so much more!

    Print a copy of the list and keep it handy for the sorting (and checking) of Trick or Treat goodies.

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