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Gluten-free and still sick? If so, read this story about celiac disease…

[UPDATE: Recognizing Celiac Disease has been converted and expanded into our Gluten Free Works Health Guide.]


If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, are following the gluten free diet yet are still sick, you may find this true story very helpful…

A few months ago, I was visiting the office of a celiac disease support organization. A woman in the office started asking me questions about her symptoms. She was diagnosed with celiac disease and following the gluten-free diet. She was suffering from peripheral neuropathy and a host of other health issues. We looked up her symptoms in our book “Recognizing Celiac Disease”and noticed trends that pointed to certain nutrient deficiencies. Symptom after symptom pointed to low folic acid, low thiamin, and low omega-3 fatty acids. When we looked up Thiamin Deficiency, she said she had almost every symptom listed.

At that point she said she couldn’t possibly have nutrient deficiencies. After her latest endoscopy with biopsy, her gastroenterologist told her that her villi in her small intestine had recovered and she was absorbing normally.

But, was she truly absorbing normally? While the villi biopsy may appear normal under a microscope the villi may still not absorb properly because malabsorption occurs at a damage level lower than the microscope can pick up. Also, the repeat biopsy may have missed still damaged villi.

So I asked, “do you take supplements?”

“OH YEAH!,” was her answer. Her doctor had her on high doses of vitamin D because her levels were not improving. She rattled off a bunch of other things. So, how can you be absorbing properly if your levels are not improving I asked…

If your body can’t absorb nutrients, it doesn’t get what it needs and things malfunction…you get or you stay sick.

You have to know which nutrients you are not absorbing before you can get better. You have to recognize your symptoms and the nutrient deficiencies that are causing them. You have to know so you can look at your diet to see if you are inadvertently ingesting gluten or not getting everything you need. And remember, blood tests for nutrient levels return a range. What may be low, but within the acceptable range for most people, may be too low for you.

Only one resource will tell you whether your symptoms are related to celiac disease, whether they respond to a strict gluten-free diet and which nutrient deficiencies are causing your ailments. If you have celiac disease, then you need to subscribe to the Gluten Free Works Health Guide. It will help you get well and stay healthy. It will help you reclaim your life as it has helped thousands of others.


After first publishing this story, I received the following letters.

“Thanks for sharing the story about another with Celiac having neuropathy issues. It has taken years and some of the best Celiac docs and neurologists to put together that my problem was actually with folic acid and thiamin rather than seizures.

I love my new life!”

Therese S.

p.s. I have the book

Here is another letter from a mother of a child with celiac disease.

“I have the book for my son and I and it has great information. It said failure to thrive is often a celiac symptom and this come from lack of zinc. I have added more into his diet (with chicken and crab) and he has gained a pound. He was never officially failure to thrive but he was only growing in height and not weight. I would highly recommend this book.”


You will find dozens of other letters from people all describing how Recognizing Celiac Disease has helped them and others at this website.

Gluten Free Works Health Guide

Get your copy of Recognizing Celiac Disease today so you can take charge of your health and reclaim your life.

You can order the book here here.

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Author Information: John Libonati, Philadelphia, PA
President-elect, Celiac Sprue Association (CSA).
Publisher, and the Gluten Free Works Health Guide.
Editor & Publisher, Recognizing Celiac Disease.

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    Hello, I am gluten, dairy, casine and alkaline free and have been for 3 years with only a few cases of eating food that stated it was gluten dairy free when it was not. Recently I have been making pizza with soy cheese. I have had no problems until now. I will wake up with migraines and vomit the soy cheese 12 hours later. What is wrong with me?

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