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Gluten Free 101: Surviving Halloween





Halloween can be a difficult holiday to navigate for a gluten-free child or allergic child. Here are some tips for an easy gluten-free Halloween and some great sources for gluten-free Halloween candy.

Organize a Gluten-Free Halloween Party for Kids
Kids love parties, especially when they can eat all the goodies. Host a party where everything is safe for your child. Carve pumpkins, have a costume contest, and eat gluten-free Halloween treats (such as Halloween Sugar Cookies.) Inexpensive party supplies and art supplies can be purchased online at

Trick or Treating for the Gluten Intolerant

  • – Make sure to check your child’s treats before they consume anything.
  • – Take a few gluten-free candies along while trick-or-treating. This way you know your child has something sweet to snack on while walking around the neighborhood.
  • – Purchase exciting gluten-free candies or treats and trade them for your child’s cache. They will be excited to trade you candy for candy.
  • – Give gluten-free products to your neighbors and ask them to give them to your child when they arrive. This will make them feel very special and you won’t need to trade all of their candy.
  • – Make sure to read all of the product ingredients. Many of the “mini-versions” of candy for Halloween are made of different ingredients than the larger versions.Click Here to learn how to make Halloween Sugar CookiesTo purchase gluten-free Halloween candy:
    The Natural Candy Store
    Enjoy Life Foods
    Surf Sweets
    Yummy Earth 

    Here is a blog that list many gluten-free candies that your child will receive while trick-or-treating.
    Gluten Free Mom Blog is a list from 2008 but is shows you the potential of main-stream candy. You will need to confirm with each manufacturer about their current gluten-free status.

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