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Gluten-free Soft Pretzels That Taste Like the Real Thing!


Warm, chewy and wonderful gluten-free soft pretzels are being made in the heart of Lancaster County, PA.

Dutch Country Soft Pretzels in New Holland has turned out an excellent gluten-free soft pretzel that tastes like the real thing. This is a boon to Philadelphians with celiac disease and everyone on the gluten-free diet.

It comes as no surprise that descendents of the people who originally brought the soft pretzel to the United States would be the ones to produce a really great gluten-free soft pretzel.


“The Pennsylvania Dutch, who are actually of German descent, settled in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the 1600s and 1700s.” 1 “Southeastern Pennsylvania, with its large German population, is considered the birthplace of the American pretzel industry and many pretzel bakers are still located in the area. Pennsylvania produces 80% of the nation’s pretzels, and the average Philadelphian consumes about twelve times more pretzels than the national average.”2

Dutch Country Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels were created specially for those who crave a great soft pretzel but have special dietary needs. Their gluten-free soft pretzels are available pre-baked and ship frozen. They freeze well and are easy to heat. The pretzels are definitely worth trying and make a great snack…in fact they would be a nice addition to the gluten-free offerings at Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park.


Certified as gluten-free and casein-free, Dutch Country Soft Pretzels also manufactures a mix that makes soft pretzels and pizza dough. Each bag of mix yields 12-14 pretzels, and includes easy-to-follow instructions plus yeast and salt packs. The mix is available from online and brick-and-mortar retailers. is offering a promotional code “glutenfreeworks” to use when ordering the pre-baked pretzels and mix online from Dutch Country’s website. The promotional code saves $3.00 when purchasing 8 Dutch Country Gluten Free Soft Pretzels.


Dutch Country Soft Pretzels is located at 2758 Division Highway in New Holland, Pennsylvania. They can be reached on their website or by calling 717-354-4493. Ike Stoltzfus is the owner.

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