Traditional Passover Food Find

Yesterday was the start of Passover. Although I am a catholic girl, and quite honestly know next to nothing about this Jewish holiday, I do know one thing. This is the time of year where you can often find matzo stocked on the shelves of supermarkets.


In elementary school we would always learn about the various traditions of each holiday, and I always looked forward to when my mom would bring home matzo for my brother and me. We would eat it plain, with butter, or my mom’s personal favorite with raspberry jelly.

Before I headed back to school in January I made a stop at one of my local gluten-free stores Strictly Gluten-Free and came across gluten-free matzo. I hadn’t eaten this in years and I was so excited to have a new snack to have on hand.

The matzo tasted just how I remembered, and I was so excited to tell my cousin about this new find since she celebrates passover. I enjoyed the matzo with butter, jelly, and on its own. However, when I told my friend who also celebrates passover about my new find she recommended I spread some PB on it. Boy, was that a great idea!

Have you tried gluten-free matzo? What do you like to spread on it?


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