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Devastated by Hurricane Harvey Houston Needs Gluten-Free Donations

Houston needs gluten-free food donations! I contacted Janet Rinehart, the Chairman of the Houston Celiac Support Group. She and her group have been helping people with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease for decades. She sent us the contact information of the person who can take your donations. Thanks for all your help!

The Houston Food Bank had asked me to take our gluten free food donations to GCCSA. They maintain a food pantry with a special section for special diets.

Contact Sue Garcia to send your gluten-free food donations:
Sue Garcia
Gulf Coast Community Services Association
9320 Kirby Drive
Houston TX 77054
Phone 713.393.4783
Cell 832.860.1325
Fax 713.343.8709

You can reach out to Janet in the following ways:
Janet Y. Rinehart — Email
Chairman, Houston Celiac Support Group
Former President, CSA/USA, Inc. —

UPDATE: Tricia Thompson of The Gluten Free Watchdog just posted new information about donations. The San Antonio Food Bank is also accepting food donations by mail. They will be sending the donations to areas in need in Texas. Click here to read the entire article. 

This morning Chad from the San Antonio Food Bank called me.

The food bank is able to accept food donations by mail. They are aware of the necessity of gluten-free food for folks with celiac disease and NCGS.

If you would like to donate food:

  • Please send non-perishable gluten-free food: Some possibilities include breakfast cereal, shelf-stable bread, such as Schar (please do not send food that must be kept in the freezer/fridge), Sun butter, snack bars, packages of dried fruit, shelf-stable meals, such as Tasty Bite, etc. The food bank does not have any special requests, as they are in need of most everything. (Note: they have an ample supply of shelf-stable “milk” of all kinds, including soy etc.).
  • Please mark the outside of the box “Disaster Relief/Gluten-Free Food” in large bright letters. These boxes will be kept separate from other food donations and will be sent to where they are needed as requests are received.
  • Please send your box to:

San Antonio Food Bank

5200 Enrique M. Barrera Parkway

San Antonio, Texas 78227


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