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Betsy’s Bakery to Host Gluten-Free Candlelight Dinner On Valentine’s Day

Let me preface this post by noting that Valentine’s day is not a holiday I, personally, subscribe to. The cards, the flowers, the mush, the grand gestures, and all the things that some expect of this day…none of that is really my jam. So, last year, after I requested no frills or fancy dinners or grand gestures, my boyfriend, Mike, presented me with a terracotta pot with a yellow lily and some dirt in it. (Read: don’t scoff yet…) Upon further inspection, it turned out that the “dirt” was finely crushed chocolate cookie bits covering a blue Solo cup filled with his gluten-free version of cookies and cream ice cream (my absolute favorite) that he had mixed and made himself. This gesture seemed small to some in my life, but to me, the girl who hadn’t had cookies and cream ice cream in almost two years, it was the grandest gesture of them all.

Betsy's Bakery in Camp Hill, PA

Betsy’s Bakery in Camp Hill, PA

That one grand gesture, when someone went out of his way to make sure that I could eat what I loved and not get sick is why the the candlelight dinner at Betsy’s Bakery in Camp Hill, PA is so important. This little bakery is hosting a reservation-only, gluten-free candlelight dinner on Valentine’s day this year. Taking your gluten-free sweetie to this dinner may be the gesture they’ve been looking for if you haven’t quite mastered the gluten-free vibe in the kitchen, or if you’re tired of going out to eat at the same “safe” restaurants all the time.

Holidays and other celebrations, no matter what the occasion, are times we like to spend surrounded by good friends, family members and excellent food. For someone with a food allergy, though, holidays can prove to be difficult, especially when there is a meal involved. And for a couple with differing dietary restrictions, a day like Valentine’s day can be very tedious. Peace of mind when you’re doing something as simple as eating dinner (or, in my case, eating cookies and cream ice cream for dinner): that’s why the dinner hosted by Betsy’s Bakery could prove to be a great success this year and every year it may be held in the future.

Here are the details if you’re interested and in the area:

  • A four-course meal including an appetizer, salad, chicken Parmesan with gluten-free spaghetti, and dessert
  • BYOB
  • Live music provided
  • Cost is $25 per person


Space is limited, so reservations are required. Call 717-730-9900.

Betsy’s Bakery is located at 115 St. John’s Church Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011

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