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Enjoy Life Plentils! An amazing new chip from Enjoy Life made from lentils! These things are darn good and I’ve got a recap of my thoughts for you all!

I entered a giveaway that Enjoy Life had and won! I feel good about eating these chips as they are not only gluten free but also free of the eight most common allergens! Not only that, they are made from lentils. Enjoy Life breaks it down for you:

From ancient times to the present, the lentil has proven to be one of the best sources of plant-based protein. This legume is a staple in diets throughout the world, but leave it to Enjoy Life to capture the essence of its all-natural goodness. This chip’s unique recipe results in a protein-packed, crunchy experience, bursting with flavor as you savor a great-tasting “better-for-you” chip.

OMG! So beautiful. Seriously, even if they weren’t so darn good, I’d buy them just for the packaging. Enjoy Life has been killing it in marketing lately!

Better for you + chip, all in one = happy Janelle. These chips come in 4 flavors: margherita pizza, light sea salt, dill + sour cream and garlic + parmesan. All of them are great in their own way and perfectly crunchy, sort of like a kettle cooked chip!



Margherita Pizza: Easily my favorite flavor. It really tastes like pizza! It also reminds me of pizza flavored Pringles or Doritos. I couldn’t get enough of this flavor!

Light Sea Salt: While this might sound like the most plain flavor, this is probably my second favorite! Not too salty and you get the taste of the lentils. Mmmm good.

Dill + Sour Cream: This was my least favorite just because I am not crazy about dill. If, however, dill is your thing, these are perfect! Tons of flavor. If these were sour cream + onion, the entire bag would be gone, no doubt.

Garlic + Parmesan: I love garlic. I love parmesan. A winning combo in my book.


The Gluten Eater’s Perspective: Joe was pleasantly surprised by these chips and said they were crunchy and reminded him of bugles! His favorite flavor was also the margherita pizza, and his least favorite was the dill + sour cream because he doesn’t like dill either. He will be helping me destroy the rest of the margherita pizza bag on the way home tomorrow, I’m sure!

So stop dilly-dallying and feelin’ salt-y and buy yourself some today!

Sorry… I’m not very punny.


Author Information: Janelle Pugh, Ohio, USA
Janelle Pugh, a medical dietetics student at the Ohio State University, is the author of Gluten Free For a Healthy Me. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter (@GFreeJanelle).


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