Microwave Two Four Two Four Pudding

Sponge pudding and custard
Yes it is possible to microwave delicious puddings.

No that isn’t a typing error in the title.

When I first got married I remember someone told me how to make a sponge pudding in the microwave. This recipe became a regular treat for us and now that we have four children, this ticks all the boxes for a family pudding: cheap, very quick, and very tasty.

The good news is, it works gluten free too!

The name that the family has given this pudding over time is Two Four Two Four Pudding – when you read the (imperial) quantities for the recipe you will see why – easy to remember the quantities so that you can impress someone by making a pudding from memory!

Microwave Two Four Two Four Sponge Pudding

50g (2oz) butter
125g (4oz) caster sugar
2 eggs, beaten
125g (4oz) plain flour (I use Dove’s Gluten Free Plain Flour)
2tsps baking powder
4 tbs milk
2 tbs golden syrup
pinch of salt

Cream the fat and sugar until soft. You must never skip this step when baking gluten free – especially not when you are using a microwave! The creaming action creates little tears in the butter with the sugar crystals – and pockets mean air! If you have one, use a hand held mixer to do this.

Beat in the eggs. Again, use the mixer. Sieve in the flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt. Start to blend then add enough milk to make a smooth, soft mixture – wetter than a traditional pudding batter.

Spread the inside of a large microwave proof pudding basin with the golden syrup.

Spoon the mixture into the bowl on top of the syrup, cover then cook on High for 4 minutes (based on a 850 watt oven, try 4 1/2 minutes if using a 650)). There may be a few damp patches on the surface when you take the pudding out but these disappear quickly – leave to stand for a few minutes before turning out.

A microwave sponge puddingThe only difference between this and a traditionally steamed sponge pudding is that the syrup doesn’t soak in quite so far. We get around that by pouring extra warmed syrup over the pudding as we serve it.

You can add raisins or other dried fruit to this – 2oz (50g) is about right.

You could of course substitute jam for the golden syrup and – I’ve only just thought of this! – you could also smearSponge pudding and custard chocolate spread around the inside of the bowl to make a chocolate version!

Despite being a) gluten free and b) cooked in a microwave this is a lovely, light sponge pudding. Obligatory to serve with lashing of fresh custard :-)


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