Gluten Free Product Review: Surf Sweets!

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I LOVED trying a bunch of awesome Surf Sweets products that I won from a Stuffed Pepper twitter giveaway!

Admittedly, I have not been able to try all the products that they sent (there are a lot!) but I had so much fun trying what I have so far. I probably never would have sought out these products on my own. I could give or take most candy (chocolate is another story…) but now I know just where to turn for something sweet or sour!

This is the entire package I got in the mail. The individual packs are bigger and have multiple servings. The boxes contain smaller packs and are a single serving (I prefer this because it’s easier to control portion size.) When I was
eating the sour gummy worms out of the bigger bag, I definitely ate two servings worth. Woops! ;]

Because you wanted to see me eating this product, right?!

Anyway, Surf Sweets is an awesome company. All products are gluten and casein free. Also, from their FAQ page: “Surf Sweets products are made with natural colors and flavors, organic fruit juice and sweeteners, and provide you with your daily allowance of Vitamin C. We are also one of the only candies made without corn syrup.” These are definitely candies you don’t have to feel guilty about eating or giving to your children (especially because of the Vitamin C!)

Super blurry pic but you get the gist!

I loved all of the sour products! The sour worms and gummy bears made me so happy and were definitely my favorite. Just enough sweet with a punch of sour too.

As far as the other products, I was overall very impressed. The gummy worms, gummy bears and jelly beans were just as flavorful and sweet as their junk food counterparts. Like I said, I probably wouldn’t have ever picked these things out for myself but I’ve definitely enjoyed having them around to throw in my backpack for a snack in class or grab on my way out the door when I want something to chew on. Surf Sweets also included coupons for my next purchase. Assuming that I can find them in my area I will definitely be picking up more to snack on (sour worms especially!)

Annnd the rubber duckie (I named him Sweetie) has made himself a home next to my Burt’s Bees scrub in the shower. Awwww.

If you’re interested in trying Surf Sweets products click here to find out where they’re being sold near you! Also, here is an online list of stores. Thank you again to both Surf Sweets and Stuffed Pepper for the tasty, gluten free giveaway. :]

Author Information: Janelle Pugh, Ohio, USA
Janelle Pugh, a medical dietetics student at the Ohio State University, is the author of Gluten Free For a Healthy Me. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter (@GFreeJanelle).

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