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Friday’s Find: Sugar-Free Vanilla Coconut Milk (and a New Smoothie!)

This week’s Friday’s Find makes this Smoothie Queen very happy.  Not only is it made by a company that I already love, but it opens up flavor options without added sugar.  I love So Delicious Coconut Milk, but I usually purchase the unsweetened version to avoid sugar.  I have to admit that I do look longingly at the Vanilla, because it is truly sooooo delicious.  In coffee, over cereal, in smoothies, it’s just wonderful. But since I’ve cut out sugar, the vanilla sweetness has been but a lovely memory.

Until now.

This week I happened to see a carton of So Delicious Sugar-Free Vanilla Coconut Milk at Whole Foods.  While I was thrilled to see that it didn’t have cane sugar, I took a good hard look at the ingredients hoping that I wouldn’t find artificial sweeteners instead.  I was glad to see that it is sweetened with stevia and monk fruit.  Sweet!  Tempted to fill my cart, I decided to take just one box and see how I liked it first.

So Delicious Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Milk

I should have filled the cart.

This vanilla coconut milk helped to make my next green smoothie one to remember.

The vanilla flavor went perfectly with these tropical fruits.

Island Paradise Smoothie
by Heather



1.  Pour coconut milk into the VitaMix or blender, and add protein powder and chia seeds while blending for 3 seconds.  Let the liquid sit for 5-10 minutes to allow the chia seeds to gel.

2.  Add spinach and fruit, and then blend until creamy.

Makes 2 servings

Green, creamy goodness!

Have you tried So Delicious Sugar-Free Vanilla Coconut Milk yet?

What is your favorite non-dairy milk?

Author Information Heather, Nashville, TN
Heather is a gluten-free blogger by night and a  Kindergarten teacher and fitness instructor by day.   She writes  about healthy, gluten-free living and shares gluten-free recipes, product  reviews, and restaurant reviews on her blog.

About Heather

Author Information: Gluten Free Cat Heather is a gluten-free blogger by night and a Kindergarten teacher and fitness instructor by day. She writes about healthy, gluten-free living and shares gluten-free recipes, product reviews, and restaurant reviews on her blog. Location: Nashville, TN Website: Email: Twitter: Facebook:
  • Edith says:

    I love So Delicious Coconut Milk, especially the Sugar-free Vanilla flavor. And my kids love the chocolate flavor, so everyone is happy! Can’t wait to try your smoothie, it looks so yummy!

  • Gianna says:

    I am running out to get the ingredients now! Love So Delicious I should buy stock! Thanks for sharing.

  • Dana says:

    Haven’t seen the sugar free version yet (but how exciting!!!) I just LOVE the coconut milk, and sugar is always a factor (yet the vanilla was only 2 g of sugar more than the regular, to be honest) I actually bought the vanilla with the conscious process of how much more delicious is was vs the regular, so it was worth it!

    But your smoothy inspired me! I put some chia seeds in, and a tsp of green tea matcha powder and a packet of stevia for a little more sweetness, with a mixed berries, 1/2 cup yogurt and 3/4 cup coconut milk– delish!

    Thanks for the idea! :)

  • Mo says:

    And I LOOOOVE their UNSWEETENED Coconut Milk…no sweeteners at all…
    SO Delicious and thanks for your Smoothie Recipe!

  • linda says:

    Was wondering what could substitute the banana? (allergy) Also, does the sugar free milk contain aspertame?

  • tj says:

    Beware of stevia (Rebiana) & other “natural” sweeteners (erythritol)

    Check out what a former processed food exec turned food advocate says about “natural” sweeteners

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