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Stock Up on Some Gluten-free Snacks From Glutino

It’s not easy to always find a gluten-free snack on the go, and when you aren’t the mood for the standard piece of fruit or crudite, Glutino offers a variety of nutritious snacks that are sure to leave you feeling satisfied.
One of my favorite’s from Glutino is the breakfast bars.  They are perfect for a quick meal on the go, and I’ve taken them as a handy snack when traveling.  They come in yummy flavors such as Apple, Blueberry, and Cranberry.  The Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Banana Granola bars are a great mid-day pick me up.
If you are in the mood for something with a crunch, the Cheddar Crackers or Pretzel Sticks will definitely do the trick.  The multi-grain crackers are also a great find.
Of course, if you have a sweet tooth (like me), the Chocolate Coated Vanilla Wafers and the Dark Chocolate Candy Bars are a must.  They are the perfect portion size and will satisfy any sweet tooth.
So where can you find these delicious snacks?  Glutino products are sold in all Whole Foods Markets across LA.  To find the Whole Foods nearest you,
For more info:  For An entire listing of Glutino products (including bakery and frozen items) visit

Author Information: Allison Hecht, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Gluten-Free Examiner
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About Allison Hecht

Allison Hecht
Allison is a Southern California native who is on a mission to find tasty and affordable food for people with gluten and food allergies. Email her with your gluten-free ideas at or follow her on Twitter: @socaliallie.

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