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Free Subscription to Rachael Ray Magazine at Giant and Stop and Shop

This October, Giant and Stop and Shop are offering another great promotion for Celiac Awareness Month.  Spend $7 on participating gluten-free products in one transaction and receive a proof of purchase coupon for a free one year subscription to Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine.  The promotion runs from October 2 to October 28, but will end sooner if all 10,000 free subscriptions are claimed.  Limit one per household.  

To receive the free subscription, mail the coupon by November 30, 2010.  If you decide to decline the subscription, you will receive a check in the mail for a refund of $6.99. Last year, the Taste of Home subscription was declined, and the free check was eventually mailed! It would be easy to mistake the small refund check for junk mail, so look out for it. 

There are many products in the promotion, including Larabar, Food Should Taste Good, and Glutino crackers and pretzels.  The entire list of participating products is available here.   It is interesting to note that Snyders pretzels are also listed, so likely these new gluten-free pretzel sticks will soon be available at Giant and Stop and Shop.  It is fantastic to seeEvery Day with Rachael Ray Magazine involved in this promotion. Hopefully, this will lead to an increase in gluten-free articles and recipes in the magazine!

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  1. I bought the products for the Racheal Ray promotion, I asked the associate at the customer service desk at Stop and Shop and they did not know anything about the promotion. I did not receive a coupon for my purchase, but I do have my receipt. Can I mail this in for the promotion? And where do I mail it to?
    Please advise. Thank you.

  2. Here is what worked for me at Giant. I purchased 2 Food Should Taste Good Chips and 2 Larabars to reach the $7 minimum on participating products. The magazine voucher printed at the register just like a normal coupon that would print during checkout. You need to mail it and your receipt to the address on it. I suggest checking with customer service and checking the UPCs on the website to make sure they are participating products. Good luck!

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