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Recognizing Celiac Disease: About the Book

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Understand Celiac disease, Symptoms both Before and After Diagnosis, and How to Treat Them!

Recognizing Celiac Disease…

Explains GLUTEN, GLUTEN sources in food, how GLUTEN triggers harmful reactions in your body and the difference between CELIAC DISEASE and GLUTEN SENSITIVITY.

Gives you a concise yet comprehensive overview of celiac disease including background, prevalence, pathophysiology (how it alters your normal body processes), symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

Also includes which vitamins/minerals your doctor needs to test you for at diagnosis.

Describes the human digestive process and how GLUTEN disrupts both organ structure and function.

Teaches you how to begin and maintain the GLUTEN-FREE DIET.
Lists foods and ingredients commonly allowed and not allowed on a GLUTEN-FREE DIET.

Contains charts that detail the nutrient deficiencies GLUTEN causes, symptoms, research study findings & case reports, response to GLUTEN-FREE DIET, and lists of foods with the highest sources of each nutrient so you can build a diet that meets your individual needs.

Contains charts of over 300 health problems caused by GLUTEN, symptoms, prevalence, description, causes including nutritional deficiencies and whether they respond to the GLUTEN-FREE DIET.



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Table of Contents



Chapter 2: Celiac Disease Description
Chapter 3: Celiac Disease and Digestion


Section A: Nutrient Deficiency Charts:

Magnesium Deficiency
Vitamin B2 (Thiamin)

Section B: Signs, Symptoms, Associated Disorders, Complications:

Anorexia & Unexpected Weight Loss
Constipation, Ulcerative Colitis & Constipation Alternating with Diarrhea

Dental Enamel Defects

Esophageal Motor Abnormalities, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Nervous System Disorders, Gait Ataxia

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