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Gluten Free Works Facebook Commenters Share What They Want to Tell Every Doctor

Kelly Clayton Gluten Free Works

Imagine having the power to speak your mind. While you may be thinking to yourself that you already do speak your mind, I am talking about the power to tell every doctor in the world one thing.  We asked our Facebook followers the following:

“If you could tell every doctor on the planet one thing, what would it be?”

After 19 comments, the top three things that would be said to every doctor in the world were: listen to their patients, trust what patients are saying and know more about food allergies.

Listening to your patients

Such a simple idea: listening. It is amazing that many doctors do not listen to their patients, or pretend to listen.  Patients spend much time listening and mulling over what their doctors say, so why can’t doctors return the favor? Facebook follower Jenn Rheaume said, “Listen to your patients. They know their bodies better than anyone!”

Trusting what patients are saying

Since I am neither a doctor or a doctor in training it is hard to know what goes on in the mind of a doctor. But, since I have visited many doctors in my day, it is safe to say that some doctors do not always believe their patients, especially if the symptoms that the patients are saying do not correlate with something that the doctor is well versed in.  Facebook commenter Kelli Warren Pintos said, “Trust what your patients are telling you and take time to research current information before being so quick to dismiss your patients.  Trust goes both ways.”

Knowing more about food allergies

Since food allergies have only become more common within the past five years or so, it is even more important for doctors to know about Celiac disease and other food allergies.  Many people goes years looking for answers and undergoing testing, only to find out they have Celiac or some type of food allergy.  Facebook commenter Twila Finkelstein said, “ Learn everything you can about food allergies and then teach your patients.  You will help so many people that you might be currently treating with drugs and therefore prolonging their suffering.”

If you agree with the top three things to tell every doctor in the world or if you want to add your own comment, let us know  on our Facebook page here.



Author Information: Kelly Clayton, Philadelphia, PA

Kelly Clayton is a soon-to-be college graduate, graduating from Elizabethtown College in May with a degree in Communications and Biology.  She has been diagnosed with celiac disease going on nine years now and has traveled the world on a gluten-free diet!

She is a volunteer contributor for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). She writes for USA Today College , Keystone Edge online magazine and  She founded her own magazine in 2010 called Tru(4)ia, pronounced Troo-for-ee-uh. Read the first issue here. She loves water ice, thrift shopping and the band Hanson (yes, they are still around!)

Follow her on Twitter @kellllllclayton

Email her:

About Kelly Clayton

Kelly Clayton

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