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Gluten Free Kids Interview Profiles: Jane Age 7

Name: Jane

Age: almost 7

Q: How long have you been gluten free? 
A: Four years

Q: Why are you on a gluten free diet? 
A: Thanks to my sister

Q: Do you feel strange when you are around people who are not gluten free? Why or why not? 
A: My nose does itch

Q: How do you feel about being gluten free? 
A: I feel special.

Q: Do you think it is hard to find good things to eat? 
A: Yes

Q: What is your favorite gluten free food? 
A: Chocolate chips, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Fruit

Q: If you could ask other gluten free kids a question, what would it be? 
A: Are you dairy free?

Q: What advice could you offer to help other gluten free kids? 
A: I would tell them to try dairy free if they are not dairy free.

Gluten Free Kids Interview Profiles are geared toward giving gluten free kids a voice. They offer insight for parents by becoming conversation starters and may offer some comfort and camaraderie to other gluten free children. This interview, like all of the Gluten Free Kids Interview Profiles, was performed through an online form. All answers are in the child’s own words and recorded in a way that protects both the integrity of the answers and the identity of the child.

If you are a child or teen who is interested in publishing a Gluten Free Kids Interview Profile, please do so by using this link.

Thank you for the wonderful answers, Jane!

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