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Who Needs a Gluten Test? Video by “Gluten Syndrome” Expert Dr. Rodney Ford Explains

Dr. Rodney Ford, pediatrician and author of The Gluten Syndrome, provides us with an excellent and easy-to-follow video that tells us how to know if we need a gluten test.

This short presentation explains which symptoms to look for and tells you the tests you need to to request to find out if gluten is making you sick.

Dr. Ford estimates up to one third of people with chronic diseases are being affected by gluten and sums up why people do not ask to be tested. “We are so used to being sick that we don’t know we’re sick.” People think they have always been this way, so they do not know to ask.

He then establishes a great litmus test to determine who should be tested – “People who are sick, tired or grumpy should be tested.”

The blood tests to request from your doctor are:

  • Anti-gliadin antibody test (AGA-IgA, AGA-IgG) – this test tells you if your body is reacting to gluten itself. Read more about the AGA test here.
  • Anti-tissue Transglutaminase Test (tTG-IgA, tTG-IgA) – this test tells you if your body is reacting to damaged cells along the lining of the intestine. Read more about the tTG test here.
  • Deamidated Gliadin Test (DGA-IgA, DGA-IgG) – although not in the video, this is a new test that tells you if your body is reacting to gliadin that has been changed to be absorbed into the body. Read more about the DGA test here.

Three important factors about symptoms stemming from gluten not covered in the video include:

  1. Gradual Changes: Changes in health or personality could have occurred long ago, even in early childhood, and over time. A happy, gregarious baby turns into a quiet, irritable child. An outgoing child turns into an withdrawn teenager. A confident teenager turns into an anxious adult. Like personality, symptoms can change. Chronic diarrhea becomes chronic constipation. Underweight becomes overweight.
  2. Hereditary Symptoms: Children get their genes from their parents. Just because your mother or father was plagued by a certain symptom or symptoms does not mean that you must be. Gluten may have caused his or her constipation best pharmacy reviews online, fatigue, anxiety or eczema and may be causing yours. That a doctor did not figure out the underlying cause, does not mean a cause does not exist. Do not accept the diagnosis, “Well, your mom has it, so you got it from her.”
  3. Deadly Serious: Symptoms from gluten must be taken seriously. Osteoporosis and diarrhea are commonly described in medical literature but osteoporosis can seem far away and diarrhea can be misunderstood as a trivial bother. Other immediately terrifying symptoms, due to malabsorption of nutrients and/or gluten sensitivity reactions, can strike in childhood or adulthood: childhood stroke, mental disorders, cancer, liver failure and heart disease.

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  1. What causes psoriasis in 5 month old breastfed baby?

    thank you

    Silvia macioshek

    • Silvia, researchers have found gluten in human breastmilk. They have also found an alarming number of chemicals from the environment in breastmilk. Find a functional medicine doctor if you can. Or you might want to consider stool tests for the baby from if you can’t afford a functional medicine doctor and don’t want to have your baby stuck by a needle.

    • Silvia, I just realized that 5 months is probably too young for the baby to have developed an immune system that is manufacturing antibodies. The antibodies would have come from the mother in utero. The mother should get the blood tests if you want an immediate answer. Or then again, if the psoriasis just showed up at 5 months and the baby is 6 months or older now, the baby may be producing antibodies. Start listening to Dr. Tom O’Bryan and read on his website and sign up for email, so you can listen to his webcasts and those of his colleagues. He and others will be speaking in a health summit hosted by Dr. Peter Osborne starting on January 30th, called the Autoimmune Revolution.

  2. Severe stomach cramps, especially after dining at a buffet!

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