Conte’s Pasta Company Satisfies Gluten Free Pasta Cravings


Are you craving something delicious and gluten free, but you’re fed up with putting down hard earned money for disappointing products that are tasteless and sometimes even contaminated? Are you wishing you could actually enjoy eating something gourmet…and worry free? Yet, you haven’t got the time, energy or ingredients in your pantry?

Well, look no further and despair no more. Turns out your crazy cravings aren’t really crazy after all! The truth is, what you’ve been dreaming of is actually perfectly understood in Vineland, New Jersey!

Introducing Mike Conte and Conte’s Pasta Company! They’ve just set a wonderful new standard for gluten-free dining.

Think fabulous Italian meals in a matter of minutes! Tender cheeses and sweet raviolis, pillows of stuffed dumplings, basil and spicy tomatoes….all of which can be found in Conte’s Pasta gluten free products, including their raviolis, pierogies, gnocchis, and pizzas.

Not only are Conte’s products quick and convenient, their taste is authentic and nothing short of fabulous. Many consumers (includng me!) have already determined Conte’s gluten free- pasta is better than “the regular”.

Conte’s Pasta Company is certified by the GFCO and National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. This means there’s no reason to stress over cross-contamination. Mike Conte has been batch testing his products even before certifications were available. This truly says something impressive and makes him credible and incredible!

Conte’s continuous commitment to ensuring a safe gluten-free facility proves the company is strictly trustworthy. They promise 100% safe and gluten-free products. They make their products in a 25,000 square foot gluten-free facility. Look out, Conte’s is about to take over the gluten-free world!

Conte’s Pasta is sure to become a household name in gluten-free homes around America. So, if you’ve had a busy day and you’re starving and wanting a great meal, why not pick up some Conte’s frozen pizza or pasta that can be hot and ready in no time at all?

Conte’s frozen gluten free pastas and pizzas are already available at Whole Foods and other stores around the nation. The following chains are expected to pick up Conte’s products soon: Giant Eagle, Wegman’s Super Target, Sweet Bay, Meier’s, Shaws, Winn Dixie, and Shopright.

Learn more about Conte’s Pasta at their website (, and pick up some Conte’s for dinner tonight. You’ll be glad you did!

Christie Bessinger, Fresno, CA
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