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Exciting New Gluten-free Products to Hit the Marketplace

It seems the new gluten-free products keep rolling into the marketplace at full steam! Some products are more anticipated that others, but one thing is true that options for those on the gluten-free diet keep expanding to meet customer’s needs.

Listed below are the products that this Examiner feels are the most noteworthy:

Canyon Bakehouse – has a line of gluten-free bread products: 7-Grain, Cinnamon Raisin, White, Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia and Cranberry Crunch Muffins. Can be purchased online.

Celiac Specialties – has created a new croissant style dinner roll that stays soft for five days with no toasting necessary. They are also working on onion poppy seed and herb rolls/buns.

Daiya Cheese – new DF/CF/SF/RF (dairy free, casein free, soy free and rice free) plant based cheese has hit the Atlanta market in two varieties: cheddar and mozzarella shreds. Maddios Pizza Joint in Atlanta offers pizzas made with Daiya Cheese. The cheese can be bought locally at Return to Eden.

Edward and Sons – just released a sugar cone, so now they have gluten-free versions of both a cake and a sugar cone. Just in time for summer and ice cream season. You can buy the sugar cones locally at Return to Eden.

Everybody Eats – has lowered the price on their White Bread by $3. They are also changing the packaging on their Cinnamon Buns from 18 small pieces to 9 large buns. You will be able to see the divisions clearly and to separate the buns one from another much more easily. This will make them easier to serve and provide better portion control. The white bread can be purchased locally at Return to Eden.

General Mills – is introducing three flavors of gluten-free Hamburger Helper (Chicken Fried Rice, Cheesy Hashbrowns and Beef Fried Rice) and gluten-free Bisquick. These products are anticipated to be available at local grocery stores this summer.

Glutino – their yogurt and chocolate covered pretzels should be available locally the first part of May. They launched these two new products at Expo West along with three types of cereal.

King Arthur – has release a line of certified gluten-free mixes that include: Bread, Pizza Crust, Pancake, Multi-purpose Flour, Brownie, Cookie, Muffin and Chocolate Cake. These mixes are also Kosher certified.

Larabar – has created three new flavors of their bars: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip Brownie. They all use Fair Trade vanilla and cocoa. All LaraBar products are gluten-free, vegan and raw.

Snyder’s of Hanover – is introducing gluten-free pretzels that are made in a dedicated environments and are certified by the GFCO program.

How far the gluten-free market has come in the 13 years since this Examiner was diagnosed. It is quite overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. How fortunate to be diagnosed during this time of gluten-free awareness.

Author Information: Jennifer D. Harris, Atlanta, GA
Jennifer D. Harris, http://www.jenniferglutenfreeingeorgia.blogspot.com/
Gluten-Free Product Specialist, Return to Eden.
Program Chair, Atlanta Metro Celiacs, www.atlantametroceliacs.org
Twitter @jenniferGFinGA

About Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris
Author Information: Jennifer D. Harris, Atlanta, GA Jennifer D. Harris, http://www.jenniferglutenfreeingeorgia.blogspot.com Atlanta Gluten-Free Examiner Program Chair, Atlanta Metro CeliacsTwitter@jenniferGFinGA
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