Mixes From The Heartland Makes Gluten Free Mealtimes Tasty, Healthy & Easy

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I recently had the opportunity to try some of the gluten-free mixes sold by Mixes From the Heartland. I was impressed…

Located in Amarillo, Texas, Mixes From The Heartland makes it their mission to “make mealtime healthy, easier and normal for all people with celiac disease.”

Mixes From The Heartland offers a cornucopia of gluten-free foods: more than 300 all natural, nutrient-dense soups, stews, meals, muffins, cakes, desserts, gravies, pancakes, snacks and the best sweet potato brownies I have ever had – period. In fact, Mixes From The Heartland sells a half million pounds of these sweet potato goodies to theme parks across the country every year…whose thousands of visitors enjoy them without ever knowing they are gluten-free.

The mixes are easy to make and full of flavor while providing balanced nutrition. The variety of foods is impressive and refreshing to see. Pancakes for breakfast? Choices include country style, apple cinnamon and cornmeal. How about muffins? Zucchini, blueberry, cranberry, apple cinnamon, cinnamon raisin, sweet potato are covered. And it goes the same for their salads, side dishes, biscuits and sweetbreads.

Picking from the list of meal entrees is where things get fun…and convenient. Mixes From The Heartland offers more than fifty varieties of soups, stews and meal entrees. This really helps in meal preparation, which is one of the toughest things about the gluten-free diet. From traditional dishes like Minestrone Soup, Cheeseburger Pie and Taco Skillet to more eclectic fare like Crab Bisque, Green Chili Stew and Cajun Pastalaya, there is a dish for just about every taste.

Desserts include cakes, brownies, coffee bars, dessert dips, puddings and pies. Names like Strawberry Pound Cake, Impossible Pumpkin Pie or Chocolate Pudding Delight taste as good as they sound.

The Mixes From The Heartland website offers assortment packages, where visitors can order 6 desserts, soups, sides, sweet breads or entrees at a discounted price.

While other food manufacturers seem to be cutting back, Mixes From The Heartland portions are TEXAS-sized. Shipping is reasonable, just $10 on orders $99 or below and free on orders over $100.

Teri Whisenhunt, President of Mixes From The Heartland, described their manufacturing process. The 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility is 100% dedicated gluten-free. No wheat, barley, rye or oats enters the premises. She says they batch test to under 5 parts per million, source only gluten-free ingredients and even wash all incoming ingredient bags with a 50% peroxide / 50% water solution. This level of safety provides a welcome example for others in the gluten-free industry and proves the company’s commitment to supplying safe gluten-free foods to its customers.

Considering the safety, convenience and quality of their offerings, it is understandable why this company is experiencing 80% growth per year.

Mixes From The Heartland sets the standard for gluten-free mixes and is making mealtimes healthy, easy and normal for gluten-free families across the country. Add Mixes From The Heartland to your gluten-free shopping list and you will be happily surprised by the quality and selection they bring to your mealtimes.

Learn more about Mixes From The Heartland when you visit their website.

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